Catfish The TV Show Recap 6/25/14: Season 3 Episode 8

Catfish The TV Show Recap 6/25/14: Season 3 Episode 8

Tonight on MTV their series about online dating, CATFISH returns with the seventh episode titled “Miranda & Cameryn.” On tonight’s episode a woman searches for answers about a man she met online.

On the last episode called “Solana & Elijah”, Solana was a woman who was having her relationship stalled due to an online affair with a man named Elijah. Solana wanted to find out if Elijah was the man she thought he was behind the computer, she asked for Nex and Max to help her out. Was Elijah what she was expecting or was she left disappointed when she discovered the truth? Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Miranda is a woman wants to find out if the man she met online is who he says he is. She asks for Nex and Max to help her out. Will Cameryn be what she’s expecting or will she be left disappointed when she discovers the truth?

Tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show airs on MTV at 10 PM EST and is going to be exciting, don’t forget to come right back to this spot and watch the show with us.


Tonight’s episode tells the story of Miranda. She’s a young woman who in the last three years has been in an on and off relationship with basically a question mark. When they first hooked up online he told her his name was Cameron. And she later on figured out for herself that he was lying about everything.

His entire profile was a lie. The name, the picture, and even the location. Cameron really was a guy named James and instead of being from LA — he’s from Atlanta. The picture he took for this fake profile was also a lie and that’s how Miranda finally caught him. She looked up his picture one day when she saw Nev and Max do it on their show and she found a profile to real guy whose picture James has been shopping around as his own.

After that betrayal and some time off from each other James told her about his real name and location. But Miranda doesn’t want to be so trusting again that she capable of buying anything he’ll sell.

The reason she took him back in the first place was because he understood what it was like losing someone you love to illness. Miranda’s mother has a disease that’s slowly killing her and James is the only person she feels like she could turn to. He claims to have had a sister that suffered from leukemia and so he should be able to comprehend her anger and grief. Even if he is a compulsive liar!

Nev and Max started working on the case and what they found was three possible James(s). One guy wasn’t so bad. He seemed normal enough and he was good looking as well. And the second possibility was a sex offender. That man is currently in prison and it would easily explain why he never wanted to set up a meeting with Miranda. So far she’s only ever heard James’s voice yet their constant texting might have ruled out the offender. Its doubtable he has that many privileged hours to waste on a computer. Then there’s the last guy who in no way can be mistaken for the picture he sent Miranda and that’s because he’s Asian.

Asian James lives in Atlanta and they found him through the phone number he gave Miranda. So he is the most likely candidate for the James she’s been in a relationship with.

With those odds, the guys laid it all out for Miranda. And she made the decision to call James and demand a meeting. James was hesitant and yet he said they could come down. Only when they got there he refused to answer his phone. Kind of like what he did back when he claimed to be living in LA.

Miranda tried visiting him out there too and he kept coming up with excuses of why he couldn’t meet her. And so when he does get into contact – Miranda is having déjà vu all over again. He texted Nev that he again couldn’t meet her in person. This time his family is preventing him and that’s why he asked to Skype. So they agreed to Skype and then he wanted to discuss things over with the guys before Miranda joined in.

By now she’s frustrated and expecting the worst though she didn’t guess James would turn out to be a Gabby. Gabby is in love with Miranda. She never wanted to meet in person knowing it would reveal her lie and she didn’t want to lose out on the friendship.

Miranda was led to believe that she was speaking to a guy and in a relationship with a guy but that was Gabby and she wants answers. Gabby couldn’t make the meeting because she’s eighteen and her family was worried about her. Miranda and Gabby have been together for years so technically Miranda was involved with Gabby when Gabby was still underage. So that at least explains the parents’ reluctance.

Though Gabby has promised to make the next meeting. Or she’s says while Nev and Martin were sitting in.
However, Gabby never made that meeting. She had texted Miranda after the numerous times the other girl tried to get into contact with her to say she couldn’t make it. This was also after Miranda arrived at the set location. So it was the final let down.

Despite everything Miranda was prepared to give Gabby a chance to explain herself and that’s not going to happen. Hence Miranda was ready to go home and leave that whole mess behind her. Then a month later – Miranda and Gabby are back in contact. And they haven’t stopped their flirting either because as Miranda says she’s ready to see where their relationship goes.

Gabby is even planning on a visit to see Miranda. So happy ending as they see if Miranda could be a lesbian – I really don’t know! But they seem ok!