Gary Busey Seduced Courtney Stodden Then Slapped Her Mother in the Face (PHOTOS)

Gary Busey Seduced Courtney Stodden Then Slapped Her Mother in the Face (PHOTOS)

Courtney Stodden certainly attracts creepy older men in droves, doesn’t she? According to a recent article written by Courtney herself, Gary Busey approached Courtney in Beverly Hills months ago and proceeded to hit on her.

Courtney [in a blog for The Daily Star] wrote, “Gary approached me, seduced me and cornered me so I couldn’t go anywhere. When my momager [Krista Keller] came over to get me, he turned around and slapped her in the face.”

So Courtney does have some standards after all. Yes, Gary Busey looks alarmingly like Courtney’s paramour, Doug Hutchison. But if this is true, then this whole anecdote is cause for worry – the fact that Gary would be so blatant about hitting on such a young woman, that he would slap her mother in the face, that he would ‘corner’ Courtney so she couldn’t go anywhere. Unless she’s misrepresenting events, Courtney seems to be implying that Gary would have raped her if it wasn’t for her mother’s intervention.

The fact that she’s able to discuss it in a blog a few months later means that incident must not have made a huge impression on her, or else she just wants people to know what a creep Gary is. Either way, she really should have done something more about the situation, as opposed to joking about it in an article a few months later. He didn’t succeed in doing anything to her, but if he hit on her, then he’s probably going around and hitting on other girls like her. Or maybe he saw Doug, and just assumed that he was Courtney’s type. Even then, he acted like a skeevy, sketchy dude, and he shouldn’t get away with such behavior.

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