NeNe Leakes Fired by Andy Cohen – The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: She Thinks She’s Better Than Everyone At Bravo?

NeNe Leakes Fired by Andy Cohen - The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: She Thinks She's Better Than Everyone At Bravo?

Has NeNe Leakes, arguably one of the most popular personalities in the Real Housewives franchise, been asked to leave Real Housewives of Atlanta after making outrageous and unrealistic demands? No official word has been released, but the popular webloid MediaTakeOut claims, “NeNe Leakes has NOT BEEN ASKED TO RETURN to the Atlanta Housewives” and has been dropped from upcoming seasons.

Um, yikes. Has Andy Cohen has enough of NeNe and he big mouth? If these claims are true (which I doubt they are, but let’s run with them for a second), then the RHOA show will be taking a huge hit. Sure, NeNe is high maintenance, I don’t think even she would deny that fact. But when it comes down to it, she’s a very popular personality and many watch the show for her antics and never ending NeNe-isms.

Rumblings of NeNe leaving the show have been circulating off and on for a while now, so I think it’s best to believe these things when Bravo gives the official word (which, again, they probably won’t do). I think NeNe will make her exit when NeNe is ready.

What do you all make of these rumors telling of NeNe’s possible exist from RHOA? Do you think the show would survive (or do as well) without her? Leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!


8 responses to “NeNe Leakes Fired by Andy Cohen – The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: She Thinks She’s Better Than Everyone At Bravo?”

  1. Yoyo says:

    She’s the only original housewife left. She does get beside herself at times, especially with having “new money”, but to take her off would cause the show to lose its authentic touch.

  2. black_dontcrack says:

    Child please. That show will survive without Neigh Neigh as long as Krayonce is there to bring the crazy, Apollocon is there to keep us entertained by the number of new ways he can invent to disrespect Fakedra, and Momma Joyce is around to make Kandi look like a fool. And Neigh Neigh tweeted a couple of hours ago something to the effect that she quit. She didn’t say RHOA or which of her many gigs, but she definitely advised people to quit a job if they are not happy. I’m so hoping Andy fired her butt #byefelicia

  3. Purplexion says:

    Love the show and love the ladies. NeNe is the reason I watch the show. She is a character. Let Felicia do her thang… Make the money boo boo…don’t let the money make you. With that being said, Bravo stop tripping…you would pay the man, PAY THE LADIES!

  4. ed flores says:

    I completely agree. At some point, Andy HAS to see how it looks from the viewers perspective. Her behavior of entitlement and grossly overestimating how much she can get away with should be her ticket off the show. I hope Andy does indeed fire her and move on.

  5. Lele says:

    Absolutely. Isn’t that why they have kept her all these years because she’s good at playing the game. She gave them what they wanted.

    • Bifaithcute1 says:

      I Love NeNe, so Do your thang Girl !!!
      Another more Prosperous Door will Open Wide for you to Step right On in !!!!!

  6. Chef D says:

    NeNe continuing on RHOA is synonymous to replacing the computer with a Manuel typewriter. NeNe is an ole dusty relic. Her comment to Andy Cohen “Do u want me to pull down your pants & kiss your ass” and her telling Greg “do they want us to throw them a parade” referring to the Gay Community…Ms Thing we need nothing from your raggedy slew foot asss….NeNe is a legend in her own mind!!!!

  7. Kia says:

    Omg typos and whatnot this site needs to proofread wtf