Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s Private Dating Plan: Vampire Diaries Stars Hidden Love Affair

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev's Private Dating Plan: Vampire Diaries Stars Hidden Love Affair

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are back together, much to the everlasting pleasure of their fans. However, sources tell us that Nina and Ian are trying very hard to keep their relationship private this time, for fear that the public & media will get too nosy and destroy their reconciliation.

Both of them are in a precarious position in their relationships right now, what with their previous rebound relationships and high-profile TV show. It was already difficult for them to recover from their breakup last year, and it will be even more difficult if they break up again – especially with the media scrutiny intensified tenfold. There’s also the fact that many sources on set suggest that Nina and Ian initially broke up because they didn’t like the intense spotlight that their relationship was put under, and they decided to cool off so they could pursue their private lives in peace.

Of course, that didn’t exactly work out for them, did it? If anything, their breakup ended up putting even more attention on their relationship/s, and now they’re back at the center of attention. However, they seem to be dealing with it much better than they used to, at least if their Twitter and other social media activity is any indication. They’re flirting a lot more than they used to, especially publicly. They’re also less careful about publicly avoiding each other, and they’re more prone to being friendly with each other in interviews and conventions.

Alas, sources close to the couple do claim that they’re hesitant about going public with their relationship again, especially since they so recently repaired all the damage done by their first breakup. If the rumors are true and Ian really is looking to settle down, we’ll no doubt find out sooner or later – especially if Ian proposes to Nina. However, I wouldn’t count on both of them shouting their love on rooftops or on talk show interviews.


16 responses to “Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev’s Private Dating Plan: Vampire Diaries Stars Hidden Love Affair”

  1. No fan of delusionals says:

    Ha, i wonder where all the haters are….Come on people, so much dirt to throw at Nina and you are still not doing it?! Oooo, come on…

  2. Natasha T says:

    This website should be called CelebrityBS. They are not back together.

  3. Rollin n Deep says:

    As much as i loved them together this is really non-sense. Mr. Somerhalder recently said on an interview that he is as single as single can get. So who are your sources exactly?

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  6. Jeel parwadiya says:

    I hope that Ian and Nina get Back together happily and as soon as get married they r the best cutest couple and made for each other kind of couple they r
    I love Ian and Nina ????????
    Thank u
    Xo xo jeel
    Getting back together is mustest for Ian n Nina

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