Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas Dating – Couple Reunites Despite Hollywood Famewhoring: Royal Family Furious!

Prince Harry, Cressida Bonas Dating - Couple Reunites Despite Hollywood Famewhoring: Royal Family Furious!

Prince Harry dating Cressida Bonas again after hooking up with Camilla Thurlow recently is not what we expected, especially with Cressida’s penchant for Hollywood famewhoring. The talk of the town is that Prince Harry is back with Cressida Bonas, which has not gone over well with Harry’s friends and family. For all intents and purposes, Harry is spending time with Cressida again, whether at the expense of his relationship with Camilla Thurlow or not. Unfortunately, the royals are NOT happy about this, considering Cressida’s more bohemian tendencies and her budding movie career.

For one thing, Cressida’s going to have to make a choice – Harry or her career. Will she choose, or will she continue stringing Harry along? More and more, it’s starting to look as though the only thing that really kept them apart was her desire to have a movie career. And when you’re married to a Prince, that’s not an option.

Cressida knew that, and so she dumped Harry in her quest to make herself a proper movie star. She started hanging out with actors, and she already landed herself a small role in an upcoming Weinstein production. But if she’s back with Harry, she can bet that she can kiss that movie role goodbye. There is no WAY that the royals would let Harry date an actress. It’s bad enough that she wanted to become an actress, but now that she actually has a role under her belt? It’ll come down to an ultimatum – either the movie or Harry.

Plus, the royals are simply not going to tolerate Harry hanging out with a bunch of Hollywood types. It was bad enough that he went to Vegas and hung out with civilians there, which was enough to cause his massive nude scandal. Imagine what could [and would] come out if he started hanging out around Hollywood crowds? In good conscience, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles would never allow it. Heck, even Prince William and Kate Middleton won’t allow it, not to mention that they’re already confused about why Harry keeps going back to his ex-girlfriends when he had [in their mind] the perfect future wife in Camilla Thurlow.

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