‘Homeless’ Robert Pattinson Living At Kristen Stewart’s House? (PHOTOS)

'Homeless' Robert Pattinson Living At Kristen Stewart's House? (PHOTOS)

Robert Pattinson continues dropping breadcrumbs about his private life, even though he’s being careful not to make the same mistake twice and reveal any details about his romantic liaisons. He admitted in an extensive Hollywood Reporter profile that he was still in touch with on-again/off-again girlfriend Kristen Stewart, and I think even he realized that was a mistake. So now, he’s just giving little hints about his living situation, such as admitting on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he’s ‘homeless’.

He explains that he was borrowing a house for a long time, but his parents in turn ended up borrowing it from him. He says that most of his stuff is in storage somewhere, but he currently doesn’t have a place to live. Hmmm… is this giving anyone deja vu? This is quite similar to what Rob said when he first moved to LA, before people deduced that he was living with Kristen.

For the longest time, Rob and Kristen lived together in their Los Feliz house when they were still dating two years ago. Obviously, Rob moved out after the Rupert Sanders cheating scandal, and he reportedly moved into a rented place in a gated community. That’s probably the house that he was referring to in this interview, but it seems that he’s no longer living there. That means that he’s either moving out of the city, or that he has found somewhere to live that he doesn’t want to publicize – cough, with Kristen, cough.

Ok, to be fair, he is working a LOT more than he used to, and he’s barely living in LA as it is. He might have just found it more responsible not to buy or rent another house, especially if he’s not living in LA on a regular basis. But that being said, he could also be crashing at Kristen’s house and/or possibly planning on moving back in with her, especially if the rumors about their reunion are true.

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Homeless Robert Pattinson at Jimmy Kimmel Live

Photo Credit: FameFlynet