Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles Upset Over Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Name – Princess Diana’s Revenge?

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles Upset Over Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Name - Princess Diana's Revenge?

The royal baby’s name has been officially announced, and it’s Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. My oh my, aren’t Prince William and Kate Middleton sly? They managed to go behind everyone’s back and explicitly gain Queen Elizabeth’s approval by putting her name before Princess Diana’s. However, our sources tell us [and really, it’s fairly obvious] that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles are spitting mad about Camilla being left out of the royal baby’s name. Even worse, Kate Middleton and Prince William honored Princess Diana, Camilla’s hated arch enemy!

I mean, what do they expect? Prince William and Kate Middleton have to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth – she’s The Queen. And of course they’re going to pay tribute to Prince William’s late mother and beloved deceased fan favorite, Princess Diana. What, Camilla Parker-Bowles thought that they would add a ‘Camilla’ in there as well?

Years and years ago, Prince Charles cheated on Princess Diana and unofficially brought Camilla Parker-Bowles into the royal family. Prince Charles and Princess Diana may have divorced soon after, but the legacy that Camilla Parker-Bowles carried would always remain tainted. She would always be the ‘other woman’, and is still often referred to that in most tabloids. And honestly, this naming process has probably brought all of it back – the cheating, the scandal, and Charles’ choice of Camilla over Diana.

Well, Prince William’s getting his revenge now, isn’t he? He’s indirectly stating that no matter what Charles or Camilla do, she will never, ever be part of the family – or the royal legacy. The baby’s name carries the royal legacy, and it will always be Princess Diana over Camilla Parker-Bowles.

What do you guys think about the royal princess’s name being Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana? Do you think either Kate or William seriously considered putting Camilla in there, or were those just the delusions of a woman longing to become part of the royal family – and in any way that they’ll have her?

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