General Hospital Spoilers: Helena and Fluke Make Escape Plans With Tracy – Michael Wants Sonny Back In Jail

General Hospital Spoilers: Helena and Fluke Make Escape Plans With Tracy - Michael Wants Sonny Back In Jail

“General Hospital” spoilers tease that the week of February 9-13 will be one you don’t want to miss, there is love in the air, there are break ups on the horizon, there are mobsters running the streets of Port Charles once again. Sonny [Maurice Benard] just got his get out of jail free card but not everyone is happy about it. Michael [Chad Duell] is fuming that Sonny isn’t paying for AJ’s murder, he runs to Alexis [Nancy Grahn] for legal advice. Kiki [Kristen Alderson] is also not too happy about his early release she is afraid since her mother is presumed dead Sonny will try to take baby Avery from her. She has grown very attached to her little sister she will protect her with her life. Kiki is seeking legal advice from Alexis also.

After the Haunted Star bomb scare Lucas [Ryan Carnes] starts rethinking his life and loved ones, he has a talk with his father Julian [William DeVry], Julian tells him take a chance on love, son. Lucas agrees it’s time to move Brad in and start their new life together.

Helena [Constance Towers] and Fluke/Luke [Anthony Geary] are behind bars strategizing how to get out of their mess, she says they need to talk to Tracy [Jane Elliot]. Helena offers Tracy a deal in exchange for their freedom.

Olivia [Lisa LoCicero] and Ned [Wally Kurth] seem to be getting closer again after Ned gets caught at the hospital spying on Alexis visiting Julian. Olivia still carries that torch for Ned. Ned seems to miss Olivia and is seeing her in a different light. Olivia has a visitor from her old stomping grounds of Bensonhurst .

Carly [Laura Wright] visits Sonny she is still holding a grudge against him for turning her away in prison, she can’t fight her attraction and love for him but is afraid to show it, he hurt her heart deeply.
Nathan[Ryan Paevey] is searching high and low for fugitives Carlos [Jeffery Vincent Parise] and Johnny [Brandon Barash].

Maxie[Kristen Storms] gets herself in trouble with Det. sexy pants Nathan. She ends up aiding, abetting and breaking and entering to help her old pal Johnny. Nathan is furious when he finds out what she has done. Is this the end of Maxie and Nathan??

Lulu[Emme Rylan] and Elizabeth [Rebecca Herbst] go to Nicholas [Tyler Christopher] to find out what Helena is up to. Helena has Comissioner Sloan’s [Grayson McCouch] help. Nicholas puts the pressure on Helena to find out what her latest sinister plan entails. Lulu begs Scott Baldwin to intervene as she is disgusted with her father.

Franco [Roger Howarth] is losing his mind on the LSD trip but at least he and his Valentine are in the nuthouse together, Nina [Michelle Stafford] is determined to keep her promise to her knight in shining armor,  she will look out for him as he looked out for her.

Elizabeth visits Jake [Billy Miller] behind bars and she is furious with him and his lies, but he tells her he had no idea he did all of this and that he is very sorry, he would never put her in danger on purpose, that he was being controlled by Helena. Liz is drawn to Jake for some reason and wants to help him, she enlists Ric’s legal help. Ric [Rick Hearst] is now Jake’s attorney, but Liz senses something is up with Ric… she sees jealousy driving him and becomes livid!

Ned and Alexis share a very intense Valentine’s Day dinner, she is with Ned but is thinking of Julian. Do you want Liz with Ric or Jake? Do you like Patrick and Sam together? Will Maxie and Nathan get over this obstacle? Come back to CDL for more General Hospital spoilers.