Is Gwen Stefani Over Gavin Rossdale: Blake Shelton and Moby Strike Out? Debuts “Used To Love You” at NYC Concert

Is Gwen Stefani Over Gavin Rossdale: Blake Shelton and Moby Strike Out? Debuts “Used To Love You” at NYC Concert

Gwen Stefani isn’t over Gavin Rossdale – and Blake Shelton as well as Moby are devastated once again. Stefani debuted her new song “Used to Love You” at her New York City concert on Saturday, October 17 -and the lyrics seem to be an olive branch extended to her estranged husband.

The lyrics of the song are deeply personal – “I thought I was the best thing that ever happened to you. There are no boundaries, but you just pushed me too far. I guess nobody taught, nobody taught you how to love.” As Gwen sings the song an intimate video plays on the big screen behind her. And even though Stefani sings “doesn’t know why I used to love you” the body language in the clip indicates something very different.

The pain in her eyes and desperate way she is looking up and touching her hair certainly makes it seem that she is still in love with Gavin Rossdale -despite the rumors that he cheated on her multiple times throughout their 13-year marriage.

Where does this leave Moby – who reportedly has had a crush on Gwen Stefani for over a decade – and “The Voice” co-coach Blake Shelton? It’s pretty obvious either Gwen and Gavin are headed toward a reunion or that she’s not ready to move on just yet – and may not be ready for a very long time. Blake already thought he got dumped once when Moby moved in.

Then it seemed as if Shelton and Stefani might not have broken up after all. Blake has been flirting like mad with co-coach Gwen trying to get over his heartbreak in the aftermath of his divorce from Miranda Lambert – and that flirting hasn’t stopped.

Moby recently opened a Los Angeles location of his vegan and raw food restaurant Little Pines and was wooing Stefani hoping she would accept a dinner date – she’s been a vegetarian since she was 12-years-old. If Gwen is still in love with Gavin and trying to make him jealous by flirting with Blake poor Moby may not get that vegan dinner date after all.

“I Used to Love You” sounds like a plea to Rossdale to please give their marriage another try – that’s if he can stop cheating on her. Can Gwen and Gavin make it work – can they withdraw those divorce papers and give their marriage another shot? Do you think the song is just Stefani airing her frustration and sadness over her failed marriage?

Let us know what you think of “I Used to Love You” in the comments section below and come back to CDL for all your celebrity news, rumors and gossip!

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