Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey Divorce Official: Nick Rushes To File Papers – He Wants Diva Mariah Out Of His Life NOW!

Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey Divorce Official: Nick Rushes To File Papers - He Wants Diva Mariah Out Of His Life NOW!

It looks like Nick Cannon has finally made the moves to legally file for divorce from wife Mariah Carey, diva extraordinaire. This divorce comes amidst a heap of cheating rumors, and it’s worth wondering if Nick began the relationship with other motivations in mind. Ahem, like boosting his fame and public image. After all, being married to a diva like the great Mariah Carey will do that for a person.

However, that being said, I think it’s unfair to assume that all of Nick’s motivations were impure. He might’ve started out the relationship wanting to boost his limelight exposure, but he definitely loved her — at one time — and they did produce a beautiful family together. It’s always sad when children are involved, as their daily family life undergoes a drastic evolution after watching parents split, but Nick has been noted with saying that all of them intend to stay close — as close as two crazy, divorcing celebs can stay with the scrutiny of the media upon them.

Nick’s not ready to date, but that doesn’t mean he won’t continue his alleged womanizing ways, which, many would argue, are what got the guy into trouble in the first place and caused the relationship to spiral out of control.

He told People magazine in November, “I’m great. There are a lot of people after me right now. I gotta slow it down. I’m trying to slow it down and stay focused. Family is the first thing and my kids are most important. Obviously the dating thing will come down the line, but right now I’m just slowing down.”

Wow, seems like Nick has no shame in admitting he’s a good catch. Mariah definitely seems to have been taking the lead with this whole divorce situation, so perhaps this is why Nick rushed to file for divorce before she made the move. Now, it’s the real deal, and he’s taken away some of her authority in the process.

But Mariah should be all right, as she does have a lucrative Vegas deal lined up, so she won’t be hurting for public attention or cash.

What do you make of Nick Cannon rushing to file his papers for divorce? Does his beating Mariah in the race to file legal docs prove anything about this entire situation — or the relationship they once shared? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!


Image credit to FameFlynet