Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap – Tyler Voted Out: Season 30 Episode 12 “Holding On for Dear Life”

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap - Tyler Voted Out: Season 30 Episode 12 "Holding On for Dear Life"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart airs with an all new Wednesday May 6 season 30 episode 12 called, “Holding On for Dear Life,” and we have your weekly recap below! Tonight, a reward challenge gives the winning castaways a chance to deliver supplies to a local orphanage.

On the last episode, a twist at the immunity challenge created a two-way race for security in the game, and one castaway used his entire body as a bridge during a reward challenge. Also, a crazy tribal council became confrontational. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “A reward challenge gives the winning castaways a chance to deliver supplies to a local orphanage. Later, players must scramble after a crazy tribal council leaves some on the outs.”

Tonight’s season 30 episode 12 looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 30.

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#Survivor begins on night 29 after Tribal with a storm brewing (literally and metaphorically). Will is ranting that they don’t need to talk about the vote because he wants to cover up how he voted. Mike is happy and thinks this is funny. He says it was funny to watch them scramble instead of him having to do it. He’s safe because he has an immunity idol and he can’t wait to see them turn on each other.

Tyler put down Dan’s name and later Will admits also to writing his name down. Dan thanks him for telling him. In private, Dan says those two flinched and went after them. He says Mike is still public enemy number one so he has to think. He tells Will everything is cool and tells him to calm down. Tyler says last night’s vote showed they’re willing to turn on each other and he’s worried.

In private, Tyler says Dan is either loyal or gullible and says, in the game, it’s the same thing. He plans to vote for him again if he needs to. Next day is Rodney’s birthday and he hopes there’s a reward he can take part in. Carolyn and Mike come back with tree mail and it says they’ll have a chance at some food – it mentions nourishing your soul and maybe your belly.

Rodney says Will and Carolyn are tight with him and he’s sure they’ll take him on the reward if they get it. The tribe heads out to the #RewardChallenge. Jeff says they will be two teams of three and will unspool ribbons to get a key then build a ladder and release a bag of balls. They then go through an obstacle and have to throw the balls into targets.

He brings in a truck to show them the reward. There are bicycles on the truck and he says they will deliver these supplies to a local orphanage. He says there are school supplies, clothes, bedding and sports equipment. They will also treat the kids to a BBQ lunch. Jeff says they will get to change some lives. They have to decide who will sit out of the challenge.

They decide that Will has to sit out. He has no shot at the reward. Mike is with Sierra and Carolyn. Rodney is with Tyler and Dan. They all scramble to unspool their ribbons. Mike’s crew is first to get their key with the others close behind. They start building their ladder and they have to pick the right rungs to make it work. Then one person goes up to get the bag.

Mike gets theirs done and heads to the top. Rodney goes up for the other team. Mike is back down and they run. Rodney is close behind. They all now have to go through a net swing working together. Dan struggles because the net sling is small and he can barely fit into it. Mike’s team makes it through and Rodney’s team realizes he left the balls and he has to go back through the net.

Mike launches the first ball and misses. It’s a catapult and it’s tricky. Mike scores one then Dan scores for blue. Dan lands a second one then so does Mike. It’s tied. Dan lands a third to take the lead. Carolyn tells Mike to let them try as Dan lands a fourth ball. Mike lands another. The women want to do it but Mike thinks he has this since he’s figured it out. Dan misses on the last one he thought he had.

This allow Mike to tie it up. Dan misses again and then Mike wins it for their team. Rodney is angry and says it’s unbelievable. Jeff tells Mike, Sierra and Carolyn they get to go to the orphanage and also feed themselves. Jeff mentions that Rodney is shut out again. Rodney says it’s his birthday and he’s missing out and it’s the worst birthday ever. He hopes one will relent.

Mike says he loves him but has to get some food. Then Jeff asks Carolyn or Sierra if they’ll give it to him. Carolyn says it’s a once in a lifetime chance. Rodney is angry and then Sierra says if it was individual they talked about picking him. Rodney says again that it’s his birthday. In private, Rodney says them not taking him on his birthday will turn him into the psychotic person he is.

You have to file that under “waaah” since it’s Rodney’s fault they lost since he left the bag of balls. That likely would have won it for his team. Someone call whine-1-1 to get Rodney a waah-mbulance. Sierra, Mike and Carolyn are thrilled to meet with all the kids at the orphanage. They hand out school supplies, clothes and bikes. Mike says he loves this and they play soccer with the kids.

Mike says they’re beautiful little children and he says it’s sad they don’t have a mom or a dad. Sierra tells them she rides horses at home and she talks about animals with them. Then they dig into the BBQ lunch. They are so happy to be eating and Carolyn says she knows she’ll take a beating when they go back from Rodney. Mike says this was a special experience for them.

Carolyn says it’s not a horrible birthday and says he’s lucky to be on Survivor. Mike tells them he’s happy to be there with them. Mike says he feels like a king right now. Carolyn says Mike isn’t going home since he wins challenges and has an idol so she’s thinking about whether she should join forces with him. The kids then put on a show for them which is lovely.

Back at the camp, Rodney is whining that he’s washing dishes on his birthday and complains that there are no coconuts or fruits left. He says there’s a bunch of scumbags that neglected him on his birthday and he says he’s not taking Carolyn and Sierra to the end. Tyler thinks Rodney needs to cool off but Dan says he won’t. Tyler says this may get dirty. Rodney comes back to camp.

Dan says he’s sorry and then says he can’t believe that Carolyn didn’t take him. Rodney says he knows the guys would have taken him. Rodney says he didn’t think Mike or Sierra would take him and he complains that Carolyn has been on four rewards. Rodney tells Tyler, Dan and Will and says his temper can benefit them and says he’s going to do the ultimate blindside ever.

He says he’s going to throw a fit and tell everyone that he wants to be voted out then says they can blindside Mike because then he won’t play his idol. Tyler thinks this Rodney plan is iffy and Rodney says Mike is going home. Tyler says Rodney has lost it and is going crazy and he says this is scary since he’s in his alliance. Rodney says Mike won’t play it but Tyler says it’s Survivor.

Tyler says Mike would be stupid to buy this story and knows there’s a target on him if Mike plays the idol then votes for him.

After the others get back, Rodney starts whining about the birthday thing again. It rains and Rodney says everyone is fake and he just wants to go home. He rants to Carolyn and says she said she was like a mom to him then deserted him. Mike asks why anyone should give up their reward when Rodney lost. Sierra says she doesn’t want to hear birthday from him again.

Mike immediately sees through Rodney’s plan. He says he’ll make it a living hell if they don’t write down his name. Will sees instantly that Mike isn’t buying it. Tyler and Carolyn talk and she says she thinks Mike will go after him at the next vote. Carolyn has an idol too and Tyler wonders if she would play it for him. He says she needs to start bringing it to Tribal Council.

Carolyn says Mike doesn’t have anyone else to work with so she thinks she has a good shot at him. Then Tyler also needs her, so she’s feeling like she’s in charge. It’s time for the #ImmunityChallenge and it’s a water challenge. He takes back the immunity necklaces from Mike and Carolyn. Jeff says it’s only one immunity necklace for this. They have to balance on a small perch while holding onto a rope. They’ll have more rope every so often. Last hanging on wins immunity.

They start at the third knot and they all lean back and it starts. Tyler is struggling already. Rodney doesn’t look good either. He hasn’t had a lot to eat and plus he weighs a lot. Jeff asks how he’s doing and he says everything is hard on him. Rodney says it was the worst birthday of his life then brings up doing dishes again. Will is looking bad too. Dan says his hands are killing him.

He then says he also has a fat ass. Will falls into the water and he’s out. Dan goes next. Sierra falls next then Rodney. It’s Carolyn, Tyler and Mike. Tyler is struggling. Jeff tells them all to move down to the next knot. Mike loses his grip and falls. Tyler falls too. Carolyn wins individual immunity again. Jeff sends them back to camp until that night’s Tribal Council.

Dan is worried that everyone knows about his advantage in the vote and how that’s made him a target. Carolyn is thrilled she has immunity and says now she needs to think about her options. Sierra asks the others what they’re thinking for the vote. Dan is worried and says he thinks it’s him, Mike or Tyler but Mike has an idol so that means he or Tyler will be sent home.

Carolyn says the guys should vote Mike and the girls vote Tyler. She says Mike will also likely vote for Tyler. But she secretly wants to vote for Dan to get rid of his advantage. Dan tells Rodney that Will voted for him but Carolyn says it’s no worry and that he’ll vote with them. Tyler is off with Will and Will says he wants to vote out Dan. Tyler agrees and says the advantage is an issue.

Both Mike and Carolyn have idols and Dan has the extra vote. Tyler says Dan is a huge threat. Will agrees. Tyler wants to try and rig the vote to flush Mike’s idol and get rid of Dan. Mike tells Carolyn he’s voting for Tyler. Carolyn wonders if she should side with him to try and win him to her side. Mike is hoping that he can work with her since he has few options.

Tyler goes and talks to Carolyn and they agree to target Dan and Mike. Carolyn agrees Dan’s voting advantage is an issue. Carolyn says she and Tyler have a bond but says he’s the only one who knows she has an idol so he can blow up her game but Dan’s advantage may be a bigger problem. Carolyn says she’s there to play the game and wants the million bucks.

They head into #TribalCouncil then the jury comes in – Hali, Joe, Jenn and Shirin. Mike says he has his idol with him and says one of the six is going home tonight guaranteed. Mike says Tyler and Dan should be worried and says he’s excited because he’s been rooting for them to change things up. Dan then says he was surprised that he got two votes and that he knows who that was.

Dan says it made it clear that he’s on the bottom of the six. Tyler says he knows Mike is after him. Mike says they all have thought about Dan’s advantage and what it might be. He doesn’t know what it is, but others do. Carolyn says it’s definitely a concern. She says it could be a special powers idol. Dan says everyone has asked about and Dan says if they know what it is or not is irrelevant.

He says he’s a target just for having it, no matter what it is. Sierra says she thinks there will be a big move tonight that will shock people and says she’s keeping her options open. Tyler says you have to start thinking about the 5-4-3 arena and who you can beat. Tyler says he will be surprised if he’s sent home tonight. Jeff calls for the vote.

We see Dan vote for Mike but he whispers that it breaks his heart. Mike votes for Tyler and says he’s been trying to get him out for a long time. Jeff goes to count the votes. He comes back and calls for hidden immunity idols. Mike hops up and plays his saying tonight’s the night. Jeff reads the votes. They are: Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Tyler, Tyler. He’s sent home and Mike is safe for another week.

Tyler says he played like he should have but came up short today. We see that both Sierra and Carolyn voted against Tyler. Jeff says they should be concerned that everyone wants to take the weakest to the end. He sends them back to camp with their torches. They announce that next season, they are turning the show over to the fans. They are nominating former players that want another shot and fan votes will determine who gets to play. The vote and next season’s cast will be revealed on the May 20th reveal.

The website to vote is There are 16 male nominees and 16 female to choose from. The choices are:

Female –
Ciera Eastin
Kass McQuillen
Monica Padilla
Natalie Tenerelli
Peih-Gee Law
Sabrina Thompson
Stephanie Valencia
Tasha Fox
Teresa T-Bird Cooper
Carolyn Rivera
Kelley Wentworth
Kelly Wigglesworth
Kimmi Kappenberg
Mikayla Wingle
Shirin Oskooi
Abi-Maria Gomes

Male –
Jeremy Collins
Jim Rice
Keith Nale
Shane Powers
Stephen Fishbach
Jeff Varner
Joe Anglim
Max Dawson
Mike Holloway
Spencer Bledsoe
Troyzan Robertson
Woo Hwang
Terry Dietz
Andrew Savage
Brad Culpepper
Vytas Baskauskas