The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Can We Trust The Alexandria Safe-Zone


The Walking Dead Season 5 spoilers explore the potential risks and rewards the group faces as they enter the Alexandria Safe-Zone compound. Have our weary survivors finally found a haven of rest? That’s what we are left wondering after the most recent episode of TWD. Rick is obviously paranoid and distrustful of anyone — especially Aaron, who seems to be promising safety and a fresh start.

Yes, our group reached a place that seems to be good. So did Woodbury, and so did Terminus — at first.

What we must wonder, though, is why was Aaron “recruiting” our group of survivors? Was it because he truly wanted to help them or is he expecting something from the newcomers? We don’t really know the answers to these questions but we can assume we will find out soon enough.

We could take some clues from The Walking Dead comics about this new place — it is the Alexandria Safe-Zone after all — the destination we’ve been waiting for. So we can assume that it really is a place of safety and we are about to embark upon a new story line that is about survival within a safe location.

However, as we have discovered with everything in this zombie apocalypse — nothing is as it seems and nothing lasts forever.

Aaron seems trustworthy enough, although we can’t help but wonder a little at his motives and we can’t fully trust him. Rick is understandably resistant to whatever Aaron brings to the table. Wouldn’t you be?

The last time they trusted someone who was promising help, those people tried to eat them. That breaks your trust in so many ways. Before that, well, there was The Governor. Enough said.

Let’s hope that our beaten and bruised group has really stumbled onto something good. Let’s also hope that they don’t let their guard down — they still need to stay frosty, because things can change in an instant in the world of The Walking Dead. We know that all too well (the original campsite outside of Atlanta, Hershel’s farm, the prison).

Even if this new place, this Alexandria Safe-Zone is shortlived, we can hope that it will last for a little while. Our group needs to rest and they need a safe place to regroup, refresh, and rebuild their strength. There is no doubt that many more challenges are down the road, but we really need to cross our fingers and hope that they will at least have a chance to have some down time after losing so much.

So can Aaron and this new place be trusted? Perhaps. Considering all the things that have gone on with our group over the past several episodes and seasons, they have reason not to trust — or at least to be suspicious and slow to trust. This new place of safety and the people in it will need to earn trust and prove that they are worthy of that trust — both to our group of survivors and to us, the weary fans who have been riding this crazy train along with Rick and the rest of the group. Come back to CDL often for more The Walking Dead Season 5 spoilers!