The Voice 2016 Recap 4/18/16: Season 10 Episode 16 “Live Top 12 Performances”

The Voice 2016 Recap 4/18/16: Season 10 Episode 16 "Live Top 12 Performances"

Tonight on NBC the Emmy award winning music competition The Voice continues with an all new Monday April 18, season 10 episode 16 called, “Live Top 12 Performances,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode the Top 12 artists perform.

On the last episode, the top 20 artists awaited America’s vote. The top two performers from each team would moved on to the live shows and coaches Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams were allowed to save one remaining artist from their team. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “The top 12 artists are Adam Wakefield, Paxton Ingram, Mary Sarah, Owen Danoff, Laith Al-Saadi, Shalyah Fearing, Emily Keener, Hannah Huston, Daniel Passino, Alisan Porter, Bryan Bautista and Nick Hagelin will perform live in front  of coaches Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams for America’s vote. Carson”

Tonight’s season 10 episode 16 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on season 10 of The Voice so far.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#TheVoiceLive top 12 starts now. First up tonight is Team Blake’s Mary Sarah who has chosen So Small by Carrie Underwood. She did well and the audience is cheering. Christina compliments her outfit and says it was a beautiful song even though she didn’t know it.

She calls it a solid performance. Pharrell asks if she imagined doing this when she worked at Boot Barn and she says she had big dreams. Adam says the owner of Boot Barn must be thrilled. Adam says this song was great since it’s a contemporary choice.

He says she made the song her own. Blake says he got wrapped up in the lyrics and that means she did her job. He says she delivered the message to him and always sounds great. He says she’s got a traditional and contemporary feeling and says she’s special.

Next up is Laith Al-Saadi from Team Adam. Laith has chosen Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King. Pharrell and Adam are on their feet for him when he’s done bringing down the house. Blake says he doesn’t know that much about the blues but that’s as good as it gets.

Blake says he shined with the big ole voice and big ass beard and says it’s working for him. Pharrell says he’s great and tells the audience Laith is the real thing with real spirit and a rock and roll soul. He says the guitar solo at the end was amazing.

Pharrell says America, you’ve got to vote this guy through. Adam says he’s so proud to have him on his team and says he’s different and refreshing from other artists on the show. He calls him a ridiculous unbelievable singer who gives everything. He says he keeps getting better.

Team Pharrell’s Daniel Passino is next – he’s the comeback artist. He’s doing Michael Jackson’s Human Nature. The crowd loves it and Adam says the confidence makes all the difference and says he couldn’t believe he was so smooth and even laughed during his performance.

Christina says damn Daniel, that was awesome and says she loved it. She calls him smooth and says Pharrell has built his confidence and it’s a great look for him. Pharrell says he can’t take any credit for this and says it’s all due to Daniel.

He says when Daniel was sent home, he had to hope for another shot then got it. He says damn Daniel, you killed it and the audience goes wild again. It was a very impressive take that was so different from the original that it wowed.

Next we see Blake talking about his new album and they show his album cover and Carson asks if the pic was taken at Glamour Shots and it’s called “If I’m Honest” and comes out May 20. Blake says he’s so excited about it then jokes that it’s his last album.

Next up is Team Pharrell’s Emily Keener, the singer he used his save on her last week. Emily brings her dad in to meet Pharrell and she’s doing Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley. Emily gets a four coach standing ovation for the tearful performance. WOW.

Adam says he’s so happy and says he’s been wanting that song on the show and says it was perfect. He says it’s just a beautiful version of the song and calls it a stunning rendition. Christina says that’s what she waiting for from her all this time.

Christina says she knew she could tap into that magic and says she was on her feet even before Pharrell. She says she did so much and it was stellar and the best performance of the night so far. Pharrell says her voice is beautiful and she held a breathtaking note and calls it amazing.

Next is Nick Hagelin, Team Christina’s comeback artist. Nick is doing a transformative version of Blake Shelton’s Mine Would You. Pharrell jokes that Blake should write more songs for him and says that could totally chart and says it brought out more of him.

Adam says Nick moves more on stage than Blake does in his life. Blake says he wondered when he saw that he was doing his song and says this weekend, when he plays in Dallas, people are going to yell out for him to do the Nick Hagelin version.

Christina says they see a lot of singers pass through and he’s a pleasure to work with and says who knew this guy liked country. Blake whoops in appreciation and the crowd goes wild as Christina says he did a great job.

Next up is Team Blake’s Adam Wakefield who is doing Soulshine by the Allman Brothers Band that he’s dedicating to his brother who he lost to addiction. Blake, Pharrell and Adam are all on their feet for Adam as he finishes bringing down the house.

Pharrell says dude, is that what we’re doing, we’re just taking people to church on TV and setting them free. Pharrell says he came in with a sick gospel intro, sang with precision and vocal intention for people to hear that message and delivered it.

Adam Levine says he’s a huge fan of his and he can choose between a solo career or fronting a band and can do anything he wants with people that he worships and is just so far beyond the real deal that it’s crazy. He says that was like a rock and roll hall of fame performance.

Coach Blake says he’s going to be around for a long, long time no matter what happens with The Voice. He says he’s doing what he’s meant to be doing and looks cool as hell when he does it and calls him a star and claps for him some more.

The next artist is Bryan Bautista the one that Christina saved. Tonight he’s doing Kiss from a Rose by Seal. He does a really cool falsetto to end the number. Pharrell says he’ll get a record deal for sure after the show and the crow cheers and says he was sick and accurate.

He says he was singing the girls to sleep and calls it a lullaby. Christina says every girl needs to buy that and calls him a gentleman who is making a road map for himself in rehearsal then comes out her and shines.

She says he surprises her all the time and when she sees him, he’s a star and the definition of what that should be and calls it a beautiful job.

Next up is Team Adam’s Owen Danoff that Adam saved. Owen is singing 7 Years by Lukas Graham. Adam is on his feet as Owen finishes up the emotional song and the crowd is cheering. Pharrell says it’s awesome to see a guy who thinks he’s shy and sing the way he did.

He says he has a tender tone but he felt like it packed a mean punch and he showed people a whole other side to him and says Adam’s goal was accomplished. He says Owen is a great storyteller and says keep going like this.

Adam says the best part was him completely bust out of the shell he’s been living in and says he walked like he was about to kill someone with determination. Adam says it warms his heart that he came alive tonight and knows everyone will vote for him tonight.

Next up is Team Christina’s Alisan Porter who chose Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. She says she appreciates that Demi talks openly about her sobriety. All four coaches were on their feet by the time Alisan finished her rendition and the crowd’s cheers keep coming.

Adam says he’s not sure what to say because he’s said a lot already and says every year there is one person that epitomizes what this show is about and he wishes she was on his team and is so blown away every time he hears her sing.

Blake says every time she comes out she’s phenomenal then asks can’t she suck sometime so they have something to talk about and says she’s always good. Christina says she can’t wait for the Alisan album come out so she can listen to her all the time. She says she’s everything and amazing.

Next is Team Blake’s save Paxton Ingram who has chosen Hands to Myself by Selena Gomez. Blake is on his feet clapping and cheering. Pharrell says Miami should be proud and says the performance had a lot of interesting parts.

He says that high note he hit and held showed he’s an amazing performer. He says he’s a vessel and the crowd loves him. Pharrell encourages him to try and sing something inspirational. Blake says he agrees and was thinking the same thing like he’s singing in church.

Blake says no doubt Paxton will be around because he’s awesome and says let’s dig in and do that next week.

Next up is Hannah Huston from Team Pharrell. The Nebraska teacher is doing Something’s Got a Hold On Me by Etta James. Pharrell is on his feet cheering and the crowd is going wild as she finishes her energetic performance. The crowd noise goes on and on.

Adam says he thinks there’s a new genre of music and calls it alien soul. He says it’s so bizarrely not of this earth but rooted in something they know and understand. He says it’s messed up and perfect and he loves it and loves her.

Blake asks if he’s saying it’s like if ET can sing and Adam calls him dumb. Blake says her song choices are always interesting and says it’s so unexpected and then jokes there’s a couple of inches of stage she didn’t work and says he’s a fan.

Pharrell says everyone in Nebraska has to vote for her then says it’s innate and she has mountain ranges of notes in her and doesn’t leave anything out of it. He says she’s like killing and inspiring so many people with her willingness to dream and says everyone vote for her.

Team Adam’s Shalyah Fearing will close out the show and she’s doing Up to the Mountain by Kelly Clarkson. By the time she finishes her huge final note, Adam is on his feet and so is most of the crowd cheering for the youngest competitor.

Christina says how gorgeous do you look and then says what she loves about her is that she’s fearless and she goes to the edge of the cliff and jumps off. She says she feels her heart when she sings and that’s the most important quality.

Pharrell says he’s happy to have shared in her journey and agrees with Christina and knew when she was going to press the gas and says it seemed natural and on the spot and has a good barometer for when to lift things up.

Adam says they say this a lot, but it’s hard for him to wrap his mind around her just turning 16 and says Christina was the one who pushed her button and say she was late and is so happy to have her now. He says she’s becoming a woman in front of all of them. He says it blows his mind.



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