Yolanda Foster Celebrates Birthday By Divorcing Husband David Foster

Yolanda Foster Celebrates Birthday By Divorcing Husband David Foster
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster celebrated her 52nd birthday by divorcing her music producer husband, David Foster. TMZ reports that Yolanda Foster filed the divorce papers and, of course, is citing irreconcilable differences…what else is new, right? She separated from David Foster 2 months ago, so this was already in the works. The not-so-happy couple just had their 4th wedding anniversary back in November.

Yolanda Foster and David Foster are no strangers to the world of divorce. This will be her second and his fourth. Yikes! Maybe it’s time to live the single life for a change – especially for David.

Seeing as how David Foster is a professional divorcee, he and Yolanda had a prenup in place. But she will be demanding spousal support. David isn’t looking like he’s going to be too stingy in keeping her happy through the divorce; he already bought her a $5 million condo in Los Angeles that you better believe is a beauty.

One positive thing to come out of this news: they have no kids together, so they don’t have to break any hearts in that area. Yolanda Foster celebrated her birthday alongside her son, Anwar Hadid, and even shared a photo on her Instagram page saying, “Thank you my love @anwarhadid for being the perfect birthday date…….. #BlessedWithMyForever #Grateful #ProudMommy”

She is keeping a strong front quite well, or maybe is really happy and relieved to be getting divorced. Who knows what really was going on in their marriage behind closed doors. Yolanda received a whole lot of love and friendship on her Twitter page for her birthday. So, needless to say, she has plenty of people in her corner to get her through the divorce, if she is actually hurting from it.

She shared another post on her Twitter saying, “Celebrating endings-for they precede new Beginnings……All I wish for today is a chance at a healthy life without counting spoons so that I can continue my quest in finding a CURE for #LymeDisease affordable for ALL #MyBirthdayWish #InvisableDisease #ChronicLymeDiseaseAwareness”

This post of course came out before the divorce announcement was made, but this is obviously what she was referencing.

Image credit to Instagram