Sister Wives Recap 2/18/18: Season 9 Episode 6 “Meeting Mariah’s Girlfriend”

Sister Wives Recap 2/18/18: Season 9 Episode 6 "Meeting Mariah's Girlfriend"

TLC’s reality show about a polygamist family Sister Wives returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, February 18, 2018, season 9 episode 36 called “Meeting Mariah’s Girlfriend” and we have your weekly Sister Wives recap below. On tonight’s Sister Wives season 9 episode 6 as per the TLC synopsis, “Mariah and her girlfriend are going to the March for Women in D.C. She invites Meri and Janelle to go as well, but Kody doesn’t like the idea.”

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Mariah’s relationship with her mother Meri has been complicated for a while now on tonight’s all-new episode of “Sister Wives”.

The two used to be close and then that whole catfishing thing happened. Meri went looking for fulfillment outside of her family/marital life and that had hurt Mariah. She thought her mother had betrayed the family as well as everything she believed in and so she hadn’t been too quick to trust her mother as she perhaps would have if that incident hadn’t occurred. However, Meri kept trying to fight for their relationship and she had been given a second chance when Mariah informed her parents that she was gay. The young woman had wanted to tell her parents and be accepted for who she truly was, but was instead disappointed when her own mother had needed some time to process the news.

Meri had nothing against gay people or the LGBTQ community. She just hadn’t foreseen her own daughter telling her that she was gay because she thought that there would have been a sign when there was none. At least not for her. Mariah’s siblings, on the other hand, had sort of suspected that she could be gay and so they hadn’t been surprised when she confirmed it. They knew that Mariah didn’t talk about guys or being interested in anyone and so that had clued them in only Meri never really got the chance to ask those questions. She was pushed out of Mariah’s life for a very long time and by time Mariah was ready to open up to her mother – her mother accidentally shut the door when she needed the most.

Meri had needed time to process the news and, in looking for understanding, she accidentally pushed Mariah away because she either had too many questions or said too many ignorant things. Like she had hoped Mariah would get married and have a family one day. Mariah could still do all those things and she along with her stepmothers went on to tell Meri that. Meri had been so busy writing things off or laughing nervously as some part of a tick that she had ended up offending Mariah and so it was back to square one for them. Their relationship had needed time to heal from what happened and tonight Mariah was once again ready to put the past in the past in order to move forward.

Mariah had asked Meri and Janelle to go to the Women’s March with her and her friends. The Women’s March was a celebration of women as well as a protest and so both women wanted to go to support her though they ran into a problem with Kody. Kody’s friend was holding a protest to legalize polygamous marriage and Kody thought that was more important than what the LGBTQ were dealing with. He said that the LGBTQ had more rights than they did and there was an idea of disparity for them while there was, in fact, a real disparity for those that live the polygamous lifestyle. Therefore, Kody thought they should focus on fighting for the rights they were missing out and the ladies had to tell them that they could support both causes.

Meri for one knew that her daughter was going to be facing issues as a lesbian and so she wanted to be able to support her without it being an issue. She later told Kody that she was “sorry, but she was going to the march to support her daughter”. Mariah had asked her mother to go with her and that more than anything else meant the world to Meri. Meri had wanted to fix her relationship with her daughter for the longest time and was willing to go to the march as part of that first step. She was even willing to go with Janelle and the two still aren’t in that good of a place. They’ve gone to counseling to work on their relationship and its an ongoing thing. They’re not going to wake up one morning best friends and that might never happen so it’s been one day at a time.

There were still a few issues here and there. Janelle’s son had come home early on leave and she had had a celebration for him at her place without anyone inviting Meri who was right next door yet it seems their kids were the ones bringing them closer together a lot. Especially, recently! Janelle’s daughter Maddie was having a baby which was great news and Maddie had needed to move back in with her. She was having a baby, going to school, and her husband had recent medically scare that showed them that they needed to rearrange their priorities hence they’re going to live with family. It was what they need at the time and they hadn’t had to face any tension from anyone because everybody had been happy to have them back.

The family also got to enjoy the baby reveal. The couple had wanted a boy and were thankfully going to have a boy so everything had been going great until the adults did an interview. The Browns had done an interview and Meri believed the interviewer was asking her specifically this one question though Meri never got the chance to answer her because Janelle had answered first and so that brought up a few things they hadn’t dealt with. Meri thought Janelle had answered because she was afraid of the answer she would have given and Janelle thought Meri was being aggressive because she didn’t remember the interviewer asking that question to Meri. And so the back and forth later became nasty.

The two eventually got to the point where they didn’t know if they could go to the Women’s March together because it just got that bad between them. Yet, a quick therapy session had helped them to open up to each other. Meri tends to put up a wall as a defense mechanism and so rather than accuse – she realized she needed to tell Janelle that she was hurting and that Janelle wasn’t going to always things the way she does because she’s going through her own thing. Janelle on her part tends to distance herself from issues because she hates confrontation and so she’s working on speaking up more. The one thing they could both agree on is that they did want to try with each other and so it’s still a work in progress.

They both said they were going to go to the march with Mariah and her friends so before they did – they were introduced to Mariah’s girlfriend Audrey. Audrey and Mariah were friends before they started dating and so they were comfortable with each other, but Mariah had been nervous about introducing her to her family as her girlfriend and they ultimately reacted really well. The family had funnily enough treated Audrey with aggressive kindness if that was even a thing and Audrey had felt welcomed. She had initially thought they were going to be like another polygamist with long hair and handmade dresses when they were just normal. They teased Mariah and they let their daughter know how much she was loved. Therefore, it wasn’t so bad.

Mariah had gotten nervous for nothing and before they knew it they were traveling to DC for the Women’s March with two of her mothers. By that point, both Meri and Janelle had heard a little more about the march and what it was about with their friends warning them that could turn out to be dangerous. Their friends were worried that with some many gathered that it could turn nasty really quick and it hadn’t. The ladies had gone to the march and had just been so happy that Mariah’s signs were still classy that they hadn’t cared where they were. They were simply happy to be there in support of Mariah and they even liked some of the things that were discussed because they found it relevant.

Janelle and Meri could see how important the event was and afterwards, Meri got the chance to talk to Mariah and Audrey alone.


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