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I Guess Lindsay is Not Taking a Break From Acting

Lindsay Lohan is joining Keira Knightley in the “The Best Time of Our Lives,” which John Maybury is in negotiations to direct for U.K.-based Sarah Radclyffe Prods.
Lensing is skedded to begin in April.
Script by Knightley’s mother, playwright Sharman Macdonald, is based on the true story of the relationships among Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, his wife Caitlin (Lohan), his
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Paris Filming Nothing in this World (10/30/06)

Paris is still getting hired to do movies even though they all bomb? Maybe they signed a contract when Hilton’s 15 minutes were not fading?

Paris’ 15 minutes really seem to be over. Page Six had a spy at The Halloween Playboy Mansion Party:
Paris stuck to her usual shtick of dancing on a table and lip-syncing to her single, Keep Reading

Brad Pitt Helping Out Jimmy Carter!

Hollywood star Brad Pitt has joined former U.S. President Jimmy Carter to help volunteers from a Christian charity build homes for the poor in western India, the organisation said.
Pitt, who is in India with partner Angelina Jolie for a film shoot, dropped by the tourist town of Lonavla on Monday to briefly lend a hand to thousands of volunteers Keep Reading

Clint Eastwood: Words of Truth!!!

Clint Eastwood is baffled why heiresses like Paris Hilton are deemed stars.
The four-time Oscar winner said when he was young only a few actors were given the celebrity tag. “Movie actors who were celebrities were a handful — a handful of men and a handful of women were names,” Eastwood, 76, told reporters in Los Angeles. “Now, everybody is Keep Reading