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Simon Cowell Will Quit if Sanjay Malakar Wins American Idol

Simon Cowell has basically elimanated any confidence Sanjay Malakar, a contestant on American Idol still had. Simon Cowell has said he will quit American Idol if Sanjay wins. Cowell says, “He’s not going to win. I won’t be back if he does!”

He also admitted he was stunned when contestant Sanjaya beat Sundance Head for a place in the final

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Lindsay Lohan Changes Again!

Seriously, how many times can one girl change in one day? She was snapped three different times with three different outfits in one day. She looks really dreadful too. Whats up with her lips and eyebrows. They get worse every day! She is starting to look like her moms sister instead of daughter! Lets no get into her mom, because
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