Alexander Skarsgård Is Juggling Three Hot Women

Alexander Skarsgård Is Juggling Three Hot Women

It seems True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgård is quite the busy man, dating not one, but THREE different women.  Back in April, while promoting his new movie, Battleship, he was seen getting busy with his busy costar Rihanna.

The duo ended up at a Geisha Bathhouse and, says a witness, “They were drinking, and before you knew it they were in a corner getting hot and heavy.”  Obviously, they are not seeing each other exclusively – at least not if Ashton Kutcher has anything to say about it.

Skarsgård has also recently been linked to Charlize Theron  – but all this is while he is also dating Italian skydiver, Roberta Mancino.  According to a source forLife & Style,

“He and Roberta have been seeing each other for a few months. He’s been courting her and taking her out to dinner a lot. It’s not a serious relationship, but they look forward to hanging out together even more. They really like each other.”

It really comes as no surprise to find that Skarsgård would have a number of women on his arm.  The actor is as hot as they come and his star is certainly on the rise in Hollywood.

Are you a True Blood fan?  Is there a particular woman that you think would make a great match for Skarsgård?  Is that woman you?  Come on, own up now! Tell us in the comments below.

3 responses to “Alexander Skarsgård Is Juggling Three Hot Women”

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  2. Ugh!  Rhianna is so trashy!  Co
    me on Skarsgard, I thought you would have better taste that that!

  3. Annie G says:

    It’s make me so seek!  May be it’s not true…  But if it is…  I won’t see him the same way as before, because, I loved him for what I though He was (a good guy), but seeing 3 woman at the same time…  in my personal book, it’s very wrong!  I don’t like this king of man, who they think that woman are like buffet, they think that they have to peek and use and flush!