Robert Pattinson Attacks Rupert Sanders For Taking Advantage Of Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson Attacks Rupert Sanders For Taking Advantage Of Kristen Stewart 1019

I was going to write “in his dreams” after the headline but I didn’t have enough room.

But it’s an easy case to make, right? If Robert Pattinson forgives Kristen Stewart then he has to point the finger somewhere else. Somebody has to be at fault for the cheating scandal. Clearly, Rob believes Kristen’s tall tale of momentary indiscretions. So that only leaves Rupert Sanders, right?

We’ve already painted the picture of Kristen Stewart as victim. As long as Rob was throwing her shade no one seemed to buy that story. But how about now? Rob and Kristen are back together! Rob and Kristen are kissing! Maybe she was telling the truth…. Maybe she didn’t have sex with her director…. Maybe Rupert did have a gross fascination with her and lured her impressionable and naive self into that car…. Are any of these story lines looking more plausible now? This is what Kristen’s camp tried to spin after the apology letter ruined her game plan. But Rob’s in her corner, and just like Ohio, as he goes so goes the Twihard nation.

So Rob’s not actually physically attacking Rupert Sanders but he is in the battle of public opinion. Thank God Rupert’s not an actor. I doubt he would have been able to recover. People definitely wouldn’t want to see the guy who ruined Kristen and Rob’s happiness on screen. But he’s a director and he’s got projects lined up so clearly it’s not as big of an issue. How many people actually notice the director in the credits unless it’s Scorsese or Spielberg or a handful of others?

So whether or not this whole thing was a publicity stunt or not, Kristen Stewart’s slate is about to get a whole lot cleaner all from one chaste, innocent kiss. It’s almost right out of Snow White and the Huntsman! Maybe Kate Middleton should release her video. If the world sees Kate and Prince William kiss they might stop thinking about her vadge and boobs and then Kate wouldn’t have to rush that lazy baby so much!

Do you believe Robert Pattinson attacks Rupert Sanders’ character with these public displays of affection with Kristen Stewart? Does anybody care about Rupert Sanders’ character at his point?

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One response to “Robert Pattinson Attacks Rupert Sanders For Taking Advantage Of Kristen Stewart”

  1. alana says:

    that was the same line she gave her old BF Mike when he confronted her about Rob, after Nikki called & told Mike that KSCREW & Rob were hooking up on the 2nd movie…Mike dumped her