Swimming Phenom Ryan Lochte Goes for Second Gold Medal in Men’s 200m Freestyle

Swimming Phenom Ryan Lochte Goes for Second Gold Medal in Men's 200m Freestyle

The 2012 Summer Olympics are in full swing, and swimming phenom Ryan Lochte will go for his second gold medal tonight in the Men’s 200 meter freestyle, an event which he won back in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Lochte’s race, which will feature many other of the world’s elite swimmers, is shaping up to be one of swimming’s most anticipated events.

While avid Olympic fans eagerly await Lochte’s swim, and that ridiculous looking diamond grill he wears on his teeth, NBC will be covering countless other events that the world definitely won’t want to miss — including Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings‘s beach volleyball match.

The Queens of the Sand are suspected to dominate this event, much like they’ve done in past summer Olympics where they never dropped a set, and will be featured on a royal court of sand located just a few minutes away from the Queen’s Buckingham Palace. Not too shabby, right?

In the gymnastics arena, the U.S. men will attempt to take home their third consecutive medal in the team competition. Hopefully they will be able to pull through. With a couple of new stars in their mix, including Bronx native John Orozco and Cuban-born Danell Leyva, their prospects, according to experts, are looking mighty fine at the moment.

However, as we know to be true with so many sports, especially those events in the Olympics, very rarely do statistics and reports match up to reality . . . in the end, it’s the players who bring the most heart, determination, and gold-winning attitude to the arena who will have the chance to grace those coveted podiums.

Make sure to tune into NBC tonight at 8PM to catch the latest Olympic coverage. Which events are you most looking forward to? Below is a brief, rough schedule of tonight’s featured events. Make sure to check it out!

8 p.m. – Midnight (ET/PT)

Swimming – Gold Medal Finals
Men’s 200M Freestyle
Men’s 100M Backstroke
Women’s 100M Backstroke
Women’s 100M Breaststroke
Men’s Gymnastics – Team Gold Medal Final
Men’s Diving – Synchronized Platform Gold Medal Final
Women’s Beach Volleyball – May-Treanor/Walsh (U.S.) vs. Slukova/Kolocova (Czech Republic)

We’re getting really into the Olympics here at CDL and we think we should start putting together a 2012 Celebrity Olympics . . . . Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would of course be my top gold contender in the UNsynchronized Diving event. What fictitious events would you like your fave celebs to be a part of? Lindsay Lohan in the shooting event (she wouldn’t be shooting shotguns — probably whiskey shots) or Justin Bieber in the boxing ring (we’d probably have to put a camera around his opponent’s neck to bring out Justin’s scrappy side)?

Stay tuned for all of CDL’s Olympic coverage!