North West Pictures On Hold While Kim Kardashian Loses Weight

North West Pictures On Hold While Kim Kardashian Loses Weight

It’s been several weeks now since the birth of North West, the spawn of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. So where are the pictures?

This is showing remarkable restraint on Kim’s part, especially since she was reportedly already offered $3 million from an Australian tabloid and turned it down. Do these people think they’re freaking Brangelina? They’re not going to get offered more than that – or at least, I hope not.

Let’s look at it logically. Kate Middleton is days away from giving birth. Once the royal baby is born, no one is going to give two shits about North West – and I’m putting that lightly. So what gives? Well, according to sources, Kim has been desperately shedding her baby weight any way possible – both with diet and *cough* tummy tuck *cough*.

So could Kim be waiting to get back into perfect pre-baby condition before posing for photos with her new daughter? Because if she is, that’s going to take a lot longer than a few days. And at this point, she only has a few days. Interest has already drastically reduced in the new pictures and while paparazzi are still desperately trying to get exclusives, a lot of the public no longer cares.

There’s also the chance that North West really is debuting on Kris Jenner’s talk show, in which case – HAHAHAH. Kris probably thinks that debuting her granddaughter on her talk show will help draw in viewers – and it might do that for one night. But what is she going to do after that?

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what the Kardashians have planned for Baby North West’s public debut. How do you guys think we’ll get our first look at her? Let us know in the comments.

North West Pictures On Hold While Kim Kardashian Loses Weight

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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