Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Cheated On Jennifer Aniston: Dirty Secrets Buried By Court Order

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Cheated On Jennifer Aniston: Dirty Secrets Buried By Court Order

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can rest easy knowing that their deep and dark secrets are now safely locked away. According to reports, a Los Angeles judge dismissed a federal lawsuit filed against News of the World and the Sun by Angelina’s stunt double, Eunice Huthart, for hacking and intercepting her phone messages. Clearly, the tabloids were trying to get something juicy on Angelina, but whatever they found will never go public.

Initially, Eunice’s allegations had revealed that she knew the details of how Angelina and Brad were going around behind Jennifer Aniston‘s back, checking into hotels as a married couple and generally carrying on a secret affair. This goes against Brad’s claims that he never hooked up with Angelina while he and Jennifer were still married
, and if it was ever confirmed by the tabloids, it would have been an explosive scandal – well, more of an explosive scandal than it already was.

However, the judge dismissed the suit, stating that it should have been filed in the United Kingdom, and not in the US, where the crime did not take place. And considering that Eunice was Angelina’s stunt double during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, it could have potentially lead to a lot of behind-the-scenes secrets, especially concerning Angelina’s and Brad’s flirtation and possibly illicit romance.

Granted, Eunice can easily go and file in England, and News of the Corps’ lawyers have already stated that they wouldn’t object to such a filing. So even if the records have been temporarily sealed, it’s very possible that all of this gets brought up again in the future. So maybe Angelina’s and Brad’s sordid history isn’t as secretly hidden away as we thought, huh?

Of course, it would be sweet vindication for Jennifer Aniston if these rumors ever come to light. I think she’s always held herself back from saying anything too horrible about Brad and Angelina, but you know she still hates both of them for what they did to her – Brad for leaving her, and Angelina for ‘stealing’ him. Technically speaking, Brad’s the one in the wrong here – he’s the one who may have cheated on Jennifer and he’s the one who left her. But if he’s not telling the truth about not cheating on Jennifer – and the whole world gets proof on that – then we can expect Jennifer to milk that for all its worth in the media.

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  1. reality bites says:

    That is not true. Look at the dates involved with Eunices’ claims. They are all after the divorce was already under way in March of 2005 and after people had already seen the beach pictures of Brad and Angelina. The hotel hook up was in June of 2005. So their claim that nothing happened until the divorce was under way actually holds true.

  2. drdebo cherry says:

    the Pitt-Aniston marriage was a sham- had nothing to do with reality- he found love and ended it- THATS why nasty Aniston never said anything- she’s a liar for letting it look like something it never was.

    • Daisy Cooper says:

      Just to mention Jen..Nicole Kidman was unexpectedly dumped at the same year by Tom Cruise who has affair with Penelope Cruz.Everybody attacked Angelina.nobody attacked Penelope.And look at now.Unlike Jen Nicole had dignity to move on..she even played in a movie with Penelope!!!!!Jen just went around and made sure all her friend like Ophra and Chelsie Handler could stab Angie on their show.Now who is a real strong smart dignified woman?Jen or Nicole?

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  4. Nouvel610 says:


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