Beyonce Hates Kim Kardashian and Her Wedding – Was Never Attending

Beyonce Hates Kim Kardashian and Her Wedding - Was Never Attending

It was always interesting to me how so many people really seemed to believe that Beyonce would attend Kim Kardashian’s wedding. I mean this woman has done absolutely nothing to make us believe that she ever wanted to be affiliated with reality television riff raff so why did anyone assume that she would show up? We know there were a few times that Bey hung out backstage with Kim as their men performed but there was never any clear cut bonding there. When they were spotted at the same spa at the same time several weeks ago Bey made sure that we understood it was a coincidence. Friends they are certainly not.

This failed friendship was just another failed attempt on Kim’s part to become more important based solely on who she aligns herself with. Bey knew that from the jump, this chick had no talent and no brains and was only famous because her pimp mother, Kris Jenner, parlayed a sex tape into a family marketing and media extravaganza. Kim wanting Beyonce at her wedding is like Kim thinking she could have tea with Kate Middleton when the Duchess visited the states. Guess again, it’s not happening.

That infamous surveillance tape only helped Bey to stick to her guns because there was no way that she and Jay were going to be in a public venue with Rachel Roy less than two weeks after their scandal broke. That just gave Bey one great PR reason to head to the Hamptons with her baby girl and her husband and to leave the monochromatic misery to Kimmie and her 600 closest friends.

Do you think Kim is pissed that Bey was a no show? Do you think that she truly believed that she had made enough inroads for her to even want to attend? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

3 responses to “Beyonce Hates Kim Kardashian and Her Wedding – Was Never Attending”

  1. carrie says:

    For once,i agree with you

  2. janie says:

    Who cares if Kim is upset! I’m upset looking at her face in every site I go on to read, and it’s all about her! I realize Kim isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but let’s be honest…. Bey despises her, does she need to drawer her a picture?

  3. tahoegeminii says:

    Kim has been stalking Beyonce-it’s creepy-and even though they didn’t go or ever said they would Kimye still used their celebrity to promote their sh-t show. Beyonce should be getting royalties or she should sue-it was straight exploitation for profit- get a clue Jay-IF Kanye is your friend why would he do that??? think about it-Kim thinks she is some kind of media master manipulator at this point-she is too stupid to realize just how transparent she is