Ellen Degeneres Badgers Jim Parsons About Todd Spiewak Marriage (VIDEO)

Ellen Degeneres Badgers Jim Parsons About Todd Spiewak Marriage (VIDEO)

Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons recently stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show to promote his new HBO movie The Normal Heart, but he probably would have thought twice about it if he had known what was coming. Ellen spent the better part of the interview questioning Jim about the possibility of marriage, while Jim squirmed and awkwardly looked on.

Ellen pretty much flat-out asks Jim, “Are you going to get married?” As an answer, Jim reminds Ellen that his boyfriend, Todd Spiewak, was watching the interview. However, she doesn’t back down so Jim then states, “I don’t know. That’s a hard one. You get used to your life as it is.

However, Ellen refuses to let up on the matter, telling Jim that eleven years was long ‘enough’. Granted, she’s right, and Jim and Todd have been together for more than a decade at this point. But you know, Jim also has a point – he’s used to his life the way it is, and after living so many years without change, he’s afraid of disturbing the status quo. In that way, he’s a bit similar to his character on the Big Bang Theory, no?

Anyway, the interview quickly segues into a bunch of jokes after that awkward question, but it returns to the topic not soon after. When Jim jokes about being a ‘loser’ for not wanting to walk down the aisle with his boyfriend, Ellen jokes, “But it gets better when you’re married, it really does.

Damn, she’s just not letting up, is she? Jim then retaliates by asking, “When did you turn into my mother?” Well played, sir. After that remark, the audience, Ellen, and Jim all have a good laugh, and that was the last we heard of the matter – for now.

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  1. xela182 says:

    OMG how big has it become? It takes minus then 2 minutes and in this article seems that Ellen talked for hours!!!