Amber Heard Deceived by Johnny Depp: Hides His Alcohol Abuse and Self-Destructive Partying Ways From Fiancee (PHOTOS)

Amber Heard Deceived by Johnny Depp: Hides His Alcohol Abuse and Self-Destructive Partying Ways From Fiancee (PHOTOS)

The media makes it sound like Amber Heard managed to pull Johnny Depp out of his mid-life crisis, but Johnny’s clearly still in a funk. His partying and drinking apparently hasn’t reduced at all, even though he’s now doing a better job of cleaning up after himself. But sources say that Amber is mostly oblivious to Johnny’s other side, thinking that he left behind that lifestyle after they got engaged.

Boy, is she in for a rude surprise when she finds out, which is also bound to happen eventually. A source tells Radar Online, “Johnny was so wild for so long and it’s hard to believe that Amber has straightened him out completely…People are afraid that he’s just stopped partying or is hiding his partying to be a good and upstanding guy for Amber..”

Ugh, these reports diss Johnny’s ex Vanessa Paradis so hard, it’s ridiculous. The narrative that they’re giving us is that Johnny was so miserable and unhappy with Vanessa that he was ‘wild’ for a very long time, and partied with other women non-stop. And then, Amber came into his life and made it all dandy.

Unfortunately, that’s not how this works. Johnny was the image of a perfect partner when he was with Vanessa, but he only turned to alcohol and partying after they broke up. But even then, substance abuse never became a problem for him, even though the same thing can’t be said of his career. But Johnny honestly does seem devoted to Amber [for reasons I can’t really comprehend], so I don’t think he’s going to be partying and hitting on other women even when he has the opportunity.

Do you guys agree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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9 responses to “Amber Heard Deceived by Johnny Depp: Hides His Alcohol Abuse and Self-Destructive Partying Ways From Fiancee (PHOTOS)”

  1. jady says:

    what’s the point to bring this same old story again and again? it’s the same story posted out months ago on Radar.

    Just because he’s not seen partying or drinking doesn’t mean he’s “hiding it” and maybe it’s just what it seems to be, that he stopped!

    And I don’t think he will risk his relationship with Amber, and all what he wants with her as the marriage and children, with any of his old ways. He seem happy with her and devoted to her.

  2. Fried Eggs says:

    She’s just repulsive

  3. BrooklynTam says:

    Another regurgitated tabloid story! He talked about boozing and drugging 20 yrs ago way before his latest relationships! And he’s hiding it after almost 3 yrs together and nonstop working? So if he was still partying then that’d be a better story then?

    Maybe he grew out of it and doesn’t do that junk anymore? He even talked about how he quit alcohol during his last break up.

    Everytime there’s a new photo of Johnny&Amber looking happy&in love this site has to bring up some ridiculous old tabloid story to try and bring them down.

  4. jady says:

    I think he found it already. It looks like to marry is Amber’s priority too, because the french magazines are saying that they will marry really soon, in August ;)

    • Tru-Luv says:

      I really don’t think her reasons 4 wanting 2 marry exactly match his- truly if there was nobody interested in Johns career & spotlighting him- she would not even b there, this may- b okay 2 him , if it is , guess he just wants 2 get what he can out of it, but I just don’t believe she really loves & wants a commitment 2 him over exposure & opps…..

  5. […] a reputation as a ladies’ man, so Johnny’s taking those to heart and is thinking of canceling their wedding. After all, what’s to stop Amber from cheating on him? She cheated on her previous partner […]

  6. indiansoul07 says:

    haha….what an ugly washed-up has been. He deserves it!

  7. safebet says:

    He’s going down the tubes fast and she’s greasing the skids.

  8. Linda Pearson says:

    I certainly don’t think that Amber Heard is right for Johnny Depp. Nothing to do with the age difference, age is but a number, She just doesn’t seem to be right for him. If they marry I know it won’t last and as we all know as fans of Johnny, he falls in love far to easily. Bless him, does he know what real love is?.
    I personally have nothing against Amber but I think that Johnny should bow out while he can, or he’s on the road to heartache yet again and nobody wants to see that happen to him again.