Kate Gosselin Plans Wedding To Married Bodyguard, Steve Neild – Wants Another Reality Show

Kate Gosselin Plans Wedding To Married Bodyguard, Steve Neild - Wants Another Reality Show

After a rough 2013 – with her book failing and the public greeting her every move with derision and scorn – Kate Gosselin‘s bounded back spectacularly in 2014. Not only is she on Celebrity Apprentice, finally earning a paycheck that doesn’t involve residuals from Jon and Kate Plus 8, but she’s also managed to wrangle herself and her children a TLC special during the summer. Plus, she’s dating her married bodyguard, so she’s finally in a supposedly ‘satisfying’ relationship – to her, at least.

However, sources tell us that Kate’s still not happy with what she has, and she wants more. That’s always the way it is with these reality stars, no? They always want more, more, more. They’re never happy with what they have, and they won’t rest until they’ve done everything. Just look at Kim Kardashian – it’s not enough that their family has done absolutely nothing yet made millions of dollars. No, she had to also get on the cover of Vogue, and she also wants to be an actress and have her own Star on the Walk of Fame. DELUSIONAL.

Anyway, Kate seems to be going in that direction. It seems like the success from Celebrity Apprentice has gone to her head already, especially since sources say that she’s trying to land herself another reality show – and this time, with her bodyguard, Steve Neild. Forget that Steve is married and committed to someone else, since that didn’t stop her from starting an affair with him. Now, sources claim that Kate’s trying to convince Steve to dump his wife and marry her, and she plans for that marriage to put her back in the spotlight. In fact, she’s apparently looking for another ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ type show, except this time with Steve and her slightly more grown-up children.

Will she be successful? Is she just being delusional? What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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4 responses to “Kate Gosselin Plans Wedding To Married Bodyguard, Steve Neild – Wants Another Reality Show”

  1. drdebo cherry says:

    its over…she’s over…a dinosaur and doesn’t know it……….

  2. margie18907 says:

    If she thought people hated her before and thought she was gutter trash , they will thing she is nothing but a slutty home wrecker now.

  3. Tina says:

    He will never marry Kate she has 8 kids. Kate the home wrecker plus her toyboy plus 8.

  4. debbiehm says:

    First of all, Bobby, Kate gets NO residuals for her reality show…She got paid per episode and that’s it…TLC owns it lock stock and barrel…Second of all, Celebrity Apprentice if for CHARITY, so she got no big pay day there, either…I heard something in the neighborhood of $16,000 is what she got paid for that gig…Kate can’t accept reality that her gravy train days of easy money are over…And she also can’t accept life without all the “attention” and freebies given to celebrities, of which she is no longer in the club, really…Maybe a toe left in the door before it finally closes(which is about to happen)…Nobody is interested in HER at all, or her kids either for that matter…Her TLC special did not do so hot and her book was a total flop…I suspect she is trying to land another reality show and is filming at her own(well, her kids, actually) expense with the hopes of selling it to some unsuspecting cable network…won’t happen…She really needs to dust off that nursing license if she needs money because she won’t make enough relying on her “reality TV ‘career’ ” to put McDonalds on the table…She is a big time narcissist and just can’t give it up and get on with the mediocre life she has so much disdain for…