Michael Muhney Supporters Upset With The Young and the Restless Hunter King Winning Daytime Emmy

 Michael Muhney Supporters Upset With The Young and the Restless Hunter King Winning Daytime Emmy

The Young and the Restless cast and crew are still celebrating their stellar night at the 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards, however one particular winner has Michael Muhney fans seething and conspiracy theories are running rampant on the internet.

For those of you who haven’t followed the never-ending saga, Michael Muhney was fired from The Young and the Restless by Jill Farren Phelps six months ago. After he was abruptly let go, TMZ posted a story claiming that the reason he was fired was because his co-star Hunter King (Summer Newman) complained to TPTB the Muhney had groped her on set. No one from Y&R ever cleared the air or confirmed or denied why Muhney was fired, so the story has spiraled out of control since then. Although, they never actually came out and said “the rumors are true Michael Muhney sexually harassed Hunter King,” a few of King’s co-stars took to social media and spoke out in support of her.

The majority of Michael Muhney fans believe that Hunter King was coaxed by Jill Farren Phelps to complain about Muhney so that she had an excuse to fire him. Although there really is no proof to that theory, King didn’t exactly help matters at the Daytime Emmy Awards Ceremony. The majority of soap fans were shocked when King won the Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Young Actress” and beat out General Hospital’s Kristen Alderson (Kiki) – not to mention GH’s Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) and B&B’s Ashlyn Pearce (Aly Forrester) who were not even nominated. Just the fact that Hunter won was enough for many soap viewers to believe that the Emmys were rigged since she is not highly regarded as an actress by fans. But, to add insult to injury Hunter thanked Jill Farren Phelps in her acceptance speech and even referred to her as her “second mother.”

So, King and Jill Farren Phelps are very close and that raises some concern regarding Michael Muhney’s firing and the sexual harassment scandal. Do you think that Hunter King deserved that Emmy, or do you believe the theory that the Emmy was her reward for helping oust Michael Muhney from The Young and the Restless? Or, do you believe that it was a total fluke that the girl who may or may not have single-handedly sabotaged Michael Muhney’s career happened to win a Daytime Emmy (that no one thought she would win) a few months later? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!


37 responses to “Michael Muhney Supporters Upset With The Young and the Restless Hunter King Winning Daytime Emmy”

  1. DonnaF says:

    I can not honestly say one way or another if HK ruined MM career or if she is a pet of Jill Pharen Phelp’s or not. But I can honestly say she is a terrible actress very unnatural,and uncomfortable in her scenes. She was miscast from the beginning. I am a staunch MM fan and stopped watching after he left. I do not feel she deserved the award based on her acting.

  2. don says:

    Well, I am speechless. have nothing to add at this point.

  3. muhneyfan2014 says:

    Hunter King is a good actress. I’m not sure why the writer of this article has to question whether or not she deserves the award. I don’t believe the alleged groping story but at the same time I’m not going to disparage HK’s acting just because she may or may not have played a role in Muhney’s firing. Fans have completely jumped to the conclusion that HK was somehow complicit in the firing when we really don’t know what happened. Rather than bad mouth her, let’s congratulate her on her award and wish her well. I think both MM and HK were both victims of whoever leaked this alleged incident to TMZ.

    • Krissy says:

      Thank you, muhneyfan2014. It’s nice to see a positive comment; there aren’t enough of these online. I rarely comment on articles and forums, but the amount of hate here is unfortunate. Glad I’m not famous. Kudos to Hunter King for handling such controversy and negativity. I couldn’t do it. Why do so many adults, especially adult women, criticize and purposely hurt others? Some wonder why bullying is so common. It starts in the home; children often say and do what their caretakers say and do. We can’t slam/trash and badmouth others–forms of bullying–and expect our children to be kind, happy and compassionate. Those who often badmouth and harshly judge others cannot be happy people nor are they kind, empathetic beings. We ALL make mistakes. If we learn from them and do our best, isn’t that what matters? Regarding MM… even if a fan, there is no reason to bash another, especially when we do not and will not ever know what happened. Why not be happy for others? Can’t we prefer one person/actor/show (anything) over another and still be happy for the others and nice to all?

  4. Eileen says:

    It was obviously rigged. Hunter King cannot
    act unless you call pouting all the time acting. It is pretty obvious to me now that Michael is not coming back so I won’t be watching anymore at all. Y/R had been my all time favorite soap for years but now I would just fast forward through all the Boring storylines. I believe in karma and I believe karma will pay a visit to all these people that lied about MM, just a matter of time. Michael will rebound better than ever!!!

  5. Geri Bowling says:

    Hunter King lied on Michael Muhney and getting the Emmy proves it along with her acceptance speech. Shame on her, she will have a hard time getting work so she better keep her day job with JLP.

    • mom chez says:

      What in her acceptance speech are you referring to? I haven’t watched since MM’s last scene and certainly had no interest in watching the emmys. I am interested in your comments. Congrats of course goes to Billy Miller.

  6. Sasha P says:

    I call bullshyt on the win and the whole thing she and JFP did to MM. If this is what it takes to get an Emmy with no acting talent, then the whole Daytime Emmys need to shut out soap operas, as the whole system is a popularity contest on who can kiss who’s butt the most. This is a travesty!

  7. Bernadette Vennero Cappa says:

    I thought it was absurd that a nobody, no talent young actress, such as Hunter received an Emmy. I guess the proof is in the pudding as the saying goes, who JFP’s little darling is. AND Eric Braeden. Great teamwork folks on working together to get rid of the best actor y&r had going. Shame on all of you, Isn’t envy and vindictiveness so rewarding for you.

    • Lisa Barnes-McGlinchy says:

      Well said Bernadette. Love what and how you said it. Clean language too!!!!!?

  8. Georgia says:

    NO Way should HK win the award, it was all a slam since Y&R is going down the tubes, lets just see what next year gets them in the way of awards, the awards they got this year was because of MM and BM and neither of them are even there now and best soap was because of the show about Catherine Chancellor dying, and of course she is not on the show either, what does that tell you????.

  9. cookie2 says:

    I can’t stand Hunter King as Summer Newman. She comes off as a whiny, slutty, spoiled beeyoch who’s face is always on the verge of tears. Michael Muhney was wonderful as Adam and Yes, I do believe there was some crooked stuff going on there. Hunter certainly didn’t deserve the award.

  10. RedRiver38 says:

    Who cares what this untalented little lying twit does anymore? She’s already done her damage. She’s a horrible actress and equally vile sub-human trash. Phelps and KIng are low life.

  11. janie says:

    She did NOT deserve anything! This is not sour grapes! The girl couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag! It absolutely was rigged! The ladies nominated are real actors, not some kid who calls JFP her second mom! She’s a lying piece of trash!

    • Stefano says:

      Shut the hell up, Hunter King is a wonderful actress, you are a jealous little twit.

    • Laura says:

      I do not care for her…mostly. I think it was politics…you know? it’ll come back and bite Jill Phelps one way or another.

  12. Elaine Conley says:

    She has a great pout. Must be good for something. I still miss MM.

  13. Lynne Bures says:

    I have watched SOAPS for 40+ years and I have seen many talented actresses. Hunter King is one of them. She isn’t even attractive with the horrible movements she makes with her mouth. NO doubt there was more involved in her win. As to Y&R’s win..let’s remember that included Michelle, Billy, Michael and Elizabeth. All gone thanks to PHELPS!

  14. Blink says:

    What’s interesting is because of Michael Muhney’s outspokenness with the Emmy process that caused some changes to the process, Y&R got the majority of the awards. And that Michael himself was apart of the reel in which Billy Miller won as well as MCE reel’s. But the rumors spiral out of control because gossip sites perpetuate the rumor over and over with no facts. The man stated why he was fired and since not one executive at CBS/Sony/Y&R refuted that then I will take what he said as the fact. All these other rumors should be squashed if they can’t be validated even by gossip sites.

  15. don says:

    well, this is jill best friend isn’t there

  16. beth says:

    Janie..I sooo agree. She never could act before or after MM. She is actually laughably terrible. Jill handpicked her to oust the last Summer. This one award definitely shows that the daytime emmy are fixed.

  17. gml0603 says:

    seething doesn’t adequately explain my anger about everything done to Michael in the last six months. now this??? how did she beat Kim Matula? Scott Clifton won as Liam and Kim should’ve won as Hope my god. this proves Michael’s outrage about the Emmys about a year ago. remember that? I sure do. he hasn’t been wrong about anything

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  20. patte008 says:

    My thoughts are no she does not deserve an emme ! Unless you can get one for crying because that’s all she does! She is one actor if she leaves the show no one would miss her. Atleast not me! I didn’t care for her before the Michel Muhney scandal or after.Y&R won almost all the awards that sounds fishy in itself! She was not a great actor! As far as us not knowing what happened if MM’s family including his wife and in-Laws can stand behind him 100% then that is enough for me.I don’t need anyone else opinion on what he did or did not do.

  21. Christine Vea says:

    It was obviously rigged. Hunter King cannot

  22. SweetCaroline says:

    Actually, she is a pretty good actor. Hasn’t she been playing the victim in this entire sham using her superior acting skills?

  23. Cece says:

    I think like EVERYTHING else in life and particularly Hollywood, it is fixed!!

  24. Jennifer Ruark says:

    Please shut the hell up already.

  25. Lynette Whatley says:

    I think it was rigged

  26. Laura says:

    So wrong. I do not watch it anymore..since February! It’s a trash show now

  27. Ms. M says:

    I can not stand the actress Summer, Adam (MM) was my favorite . The fact that that he was fired based on hear say is absurd. Bring MM back or loose more fans.

  28. Sandy says:

    It was weird. I don’t know how the Emmys get decided I admit, but I didn’t think she had a chance at winning. When she did, immediate thought was yes she is being ‘protected’ by certain people with influence over the process. Man what a set up.

  29. Amy says:

    Miss Michael Muhney so damn much ????