The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt’s New Love Interest is Ivy Forrester – Forgets Hope and Reconciles With Liam

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt's New Love Interest is Ivy Forrester - Forgets Hope and Reconciles With Liam

The Bold and the Beautiful fans have been watching the love triangle between Liam, Hope, and Wyatt for months now on the popular CBS soap opera. As of a few weeks ago Hope flip-flopped and dumped Wyatt for his brother Liam, and since then, Wyatt has been trying desperately to win Hope back. And his mother Quinn has been on a mission to reunite her son with Hope. However, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, the infamous Liam-Hope-Wyatt love triangle will finally come to a close.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the month of July tease that after a near-death experience, half-brothers Liam and Wyatt finally bury the hatchet, and Wyatt vows to leave Hope alone and move on with his life. Multiple B&B spoilers have emerged throughout the past claiming that the Liam-Hope-Wyatt love triangle was coming to a close, and it looks like this time is the real deal.

It’s actually perfect timing because Bold and the Beautiful newbie Ivy Forrester is arriving during the month of July and, according to spoilers, she may be hooking up with Wyatt. In a recent interview, the Aussie actress who landed the part of Ivy revealed that she had to shoot scenes with Wyatt to determine whether or not they had any chemistry before she landed the part, which obviously fueled rumors that Ivy and Wyatt will be hooking up in the near future. B&B spoilers also teased that Ivy Forrester is a jewelry designer, so she and Wyatt could be working together as well.

What do you think the near-death experience is that happens on Bold and the Beautiful? Are you excited to see a Wyatt and Liam bromance this summer? And, how ironic would it be if, after Wyatt moves on, Steffy Forrester arrives and breaks Liam and Hope up anyways? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Here is what Soap Opera Spy fans have to say about this move:

The SECOND Wyatt moves on with someone else, Hope will find him Irresistible again UGH…she’s just like her mother…”Everyone MUST Love Only ME”

I would crack up if the last paragraph happened and as Wyatt has moved on with Ivy Steffy comes back and breaks up Liam and Hope and Hope is all alone…..

I’m sick to death of the whole Liam/Hope story. They will NEVER live happily ever after, it doesn’t happen in the soap world. They just need to move on and focus on the other characters of the show !!

I would like to see Ivy with Wyatt. I think they would be good together. Not sure if Quinn will accept it….right now she acts like SHE wants Hope.

Wyatt had better inform his mother about that, before she kills Liam!

Well it is interesting to imagine how Quinn will handle this shift in her plans for her favorite son. What do you think about the introduction of a new love interest for Wyatt?


32 responses to “The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt’s New Love Interest is Ivy Forrester – Forgets Hope and Reconciles With Liam”

  1. Pendy says:

    I like the idea of Wyatt finding a new love interest. Wyatt deserves to find someone that truly cares about him Since Hope chose Liam over Wyatt it would serve her right if Steffy comes back and causes problems for Liam and Hope. I just hope she doesn’t try to confuse Wyatt and his new love interest. It would be great if Wyatt and Liam could have a brotherly relationship. I suspect this near death experience will have something to do with Quinn.

  2. Rose says:

    I want to see Steffy with Bill

  3. Rose says:

    I want more of Brooke & Ridge

  4. Rose says:

    Katie is getting on my nerves. Find a new story line. Dump Katie put her on a long vacation.

  5. Rose says:

    I am excited to see a new story line. Wyatt & Ivy sound exciting. I want Liam & Hope to have a Baby.

  6. Rose says:

    Brooke & Ridge will marry in Monaco.

    • PassionQueen77 says:

      No way like that is ever going to happen. Brooke is happy with Bill. Ridge is with Katie. You just want Ridge to be confused to decide that he would be with Brooke. Ridge wants to be with Katie.

  7. Rose says:

    Katie is boring. Take her off the show

    • PassionQueen77 says:

      Leave Katie alone. Katie is different then her sisters. Katie knows what she wants. All you care about is Brooke. I think Brooke should take a break from relationships if she and Bill break up. Katie is not boring. You like blondes not brunettes. Katie is the good person in the family. All you care is Brooke and her needs. Brooke doesn’t need Ridge. Ridge can’t make up his mind of what he wants.

    • Ernest says:

      She is not boring.

      She just needs to move on, let Ridge get back together with her sister Brooke, find a better man, and start a new business.

  8. Rose says:

    Maya is boring take her off the show

  9. Yvette Ferguson says:

    It be cool if Quinn and steffy fight and she get killed and quinn goes to jail for good leave hope and liam together and wyatt gets a new girl and be happy write diffrent story for others let people be happy others have drama

    • luvSteffy says:

      I’m going to need you to think and get your mind right before posting stupid shit

  10. Rose Malik says:

    I was hoping that Ivy and Wyatt would get together, because he doesn’t deserve to be treated this way by Hope, even if I like her. Then Hope and Liam both know that Steffy is still a major part of their relationship, so I have no idea why they try and act like she doesn’t exist. Even when she’s not on the show she’s the topic of discussions so if Hope honestly wanted a faithful relationship, she messed up bad by letting Wyatt go. Now when Steffy comes back and breaks up Liam and Hope, she’ll be alone. I bet Brooke handles this way better than Hope has. Hope deserves to be alone. Her morals will get her no where in relationships. She makes everybody work just to get her and it’s not cute.

  11. Rita-Marie Berrier says:

    I think wyatt needs a new love and would love to see Steffy come back and crash Hope and Liam would serve her right and it really would not matter to me if they had to Recast Steffy

  12. Jah says:

    Let Liam & Hope stay together getting tired of these Stephanie Liam hope relationship very boring time to move on let Liam and hope be together leave Stephanie out please.

  13. Simple Plan says:

    I’m not sure if I want Liam and Hope together because Now Quinn threatened Liam and Hope’s life. But I wouldn’t want Quinn as a mother-in-law either so I wouldn’t wanna marry Wyatt.

  14. PassionQueen77 says:

    For anyone who is going to care for Brooke on here get lost. Brooke needs a break from relationship if she and Bill broke up. Brooke and Bill deserves to get married again. Ridge and Katie i don’t think there is a wedding is going to happened. Ridge is controlling and he wants to go after he wants. Katie is an angel for what she does. If anyone who thinks Katie is boring doesn’t know what good acting at all. Katie is different then her sisters. Donna needs a new boyfriend other then Justin. Ridge is confused and he doesn’t know what he wants. Maya can fight for Rick because Caroline went to take care of her baby in real life. Oliver was using Aly so he could get famous i knew it. Oliver is not good for Aly. Aly needs to be brave and date a guy around her age. Rick and Caroline, Carter and Maya, Brooke and Bill, Katie and Ridge are the most surviving couples yet. Everybody else has broken up. Brooke and Bill deserve to get married again. Steffy is making a brief visit to see her father but she is a skank that can’t be trusted. Steffy deserves to be with nobody. Why should Steffy break up Hope and Liam that makes no sense. Steffy is the one who pushed Liam to be with Hope. Steffy doesn’t want Liam anymore. Some people on here needs to get it though there thick skulls to learn that Steffy doesn’t want Liam. For Liam to get into a serious accident is so dumb. It seems like the writers care about is the logan family. What happened to Thorne and Taylor. Thorne needs to be there for Aly.

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  16. […] and the Beautiful spoilers, Wyatt moves on from Hope at the perfect time, because B&B newcomer Ivy Forrester arrives during the week of July 7th. Rumor has it that Ivy Forrester, who is also a jewelry […]

  17. Ernest says:

    I think that Ivy and Wyatt should hook up.

    Hope would, in no doubt, be jealous of this possibly new relationship. I would not be surprised if she tries to reach Quinn from some mental facility just to update her about her son Wyatt’s life.

  18. Ernest says:

    Hopefully, that woman is Ivy Forrester.

  19. […] after Hope, he will be working side by side with Ivy Forrester. Spoilers emerged months ago that Ivy Forrester would play a new love interest for Wyatt. So perhaps while he is working with Ivy and trying to weasel his way back in to Hope’s life, he […]

  20. lorina says:

    now that Quinn is gone for now back to the boring stuff, when is steffy coming back? thought rick was gonna cheat with maya, Will Deacon get with brooke when the truth about bill come out or will she be back with ridge

  21. Sherry Walker says:

    If Hope and Liam don’t get married this time and are able to be happy then I am going to stop watching the show, it is ridiculous. The story line with Hope/Liam/Wyatt triangle is so old now she made her decision with LIam leave them alone.

  22. SincereLady says:

    Lil…I TOTALLY AGREE 100%!!!!! You could not be more right…hope writers get it together soon….OR they will lose many viewers. I am sure of that….

  23. Chandra says:

    Omg please don’t bring Steffy back, I don’t want to see her with Liam. I don’t like that idea. Let Liam and Ivy become a couple and let Hope keep the scum she married or be alone!!!!!! Liam please don’t take her back!!!!!!!!!

  24. /fusttcat1 says:

    I wonder why no one has asked the obvious. Why yet again did Liam chose anyone other than Hope. Are the dysfunctional writers again in a rut ?? Again, I’m finding another channel, these folks write and :switch back and forth”, so much someone will wind up being their own Grandparent. My Daughters observation, when this first aired, “they should have named it “The Bold and the Plastic”.