The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Does Michael Muhney Twitter Hands Photo Hint at Return or Mock Jill Farren Phelps?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Does Michael Muhney Twitter Hands Photo Hint at Return or Mock Jill Farren Phelps?

Since Michael Muhney finally reemerged on social media after being MIA for nearly six months, Y&R fans have been analyzing every post the ex Adam Newman publishes on Twitter. And, one particular post has fans buzzing. On Sunday June 1st Muhney posted a photo of his hands pushing one of his children’s strollers and captioned it, “Zoo Day With The Fam.” Now, this looks like typical picture of an actor spending the weekend with his family, but to a Young and the Restless fan … this is huge.

For those of you who haven’t been following The Young and the Restless, a scandal erupted behind the scenes of the popular CBS drama nearly six months ago and resulted in Michael Muhney being let go. Coincidentally in his last scene filmed, his character Adam Newman was killed in a fiery car crash. Since the accident it has been revealed that Adam Newman is very much alive, and his hands have been featured in numerous scenes. Jill Farren Phelps and TPTB at The Young and the Restless are supposedly searching for a Michael Muhney replacement, and once the actor is cast fans at home will be able to see more than Adam Newman’s hands. Of course there is talk that Cameron Mathison has been selected for Adam’s role as we reported here.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the scenes starring Adam Newman’s hands have become more and more frequent on the soap opera, causing some major buzz that the big reveal will be sooner rather than later. Rumors have emerged that Michael Muhney was seen on the set of Y&R and was given back his position as Adam Newman. Other media sources have reported that the role of Newman has been cast, and AMC alum Cameron Mathison is taking on the part.

Ironically in the midst of all of the buzzing about Adam Newman’s hands and Michael Muhney returning, he took to Twitter and posted a semi-innocent picture of his hands. Coincidence? Most likely not. Let’s pretend for a moment that Muhney’s picture of his hands is exactly what fans believe it was, some sort of subtle message. What exactly could that message be? Y&R fans seem to be divided about what the exact message Muhney was trying to send it. Some fans believe that he is mocking Jill Farren Phelps and all of the ridicule she has received over the infamous hand scenes. Other more hopeful fans believe that the hand picture is a subtle way for Muhney to tell his supporters that those are his hands we keep seeing on Y&R and he has gotten back the role of Adam Newman.

What do you think about the photo Michael Muhney posted on Twitter of his hands? Do you think that the picture meant absolutely nothing? Or do you think Muhney was mocking Jill Farren Pehlps? Is it possible that he has been recast as Adam Newman and is hinting to his fans that those hands we keep seeing on Y&R belong to him? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • PassionQueen77

    Well if Michael Muhney plays Adam Newman again then i will be happy about that. If Cameron Matherison plays Adam Newman he will do an ok job as playing Adam Newman. The new Adam Newman is coming soon so i hope the writers make up there minds of who is going to play Adam Newman character. This casting search has been going on since February. There is a lot of guys who can play Adam Newman. Tv actors from soap operas and tv actors from movies can play Adam Newman. I just hope that this search gets finished very soon.

    • livewire

      No one will EVER be able to take the place of Michael Muhney. That is why over 1.5 million fans stopped watching after his last air date. We are praying & hoping that HE will return to his role on the show. If he does not, no big deal. We will just follow him to whatever show scoops him up.

  • Jack’s Mom

    Michael is brilliant. I doubt anything he does is random. I just hope they bring him back. But I would understand 100% if he told JFP to take a flying leap.

  • RedRiver38

    If Michael Muhney returns to Y&R, then I’ll start watching it again. If Cameron Mathison takes over the role of Adam Newman, I give it about as long as David Tom’s tenure as Billy Abbott after Billy Miller left. Whatever Muhney decides to do, I support him.

  • monica f. p .

    I thunk they are michaels hands and the same hands on y@r , im hopeful he is back !!!!

  • Lillian

    Maybe he was seen on the Y&R set just so they could film his hands! That would be pretty low…..unless indeed he is coming back and then that would be awesome!!!!!

  • Merlene Tipton Amoss

    that picture was posted at a request of me, I tweeted him and ask him to take a picture of his hands for us. Why post lies?

  • Jack’s Mom

    I’ve never watched GH. Is it easy to catch the storyline?

    • Melanee

      It is, there was one week when they had some Ball.That was stupid and confusing. Now, I’m getting into it! Sonny, Nina & Lukes stories are the ones I can follow now, it took about 2 weeks. Still learning other characters.

  • Julie Gullickson

    I have watched for over thirty years….If the hands that I see are not

    Michael Muhney’s hands…..I am done. This show has nothing going for it any more. The story lines are all over the place. I am so sick of all of it…………All of THE BEST charactors, actors and story lines are gone. Keep it up and within months you will be done just like the others….Way to go!!!

  • nikki

    I can’t see anyone but Michael Muhney playing Adam. I feel sorry for anyone they put in his place because they will be rejected just like David Tom was. What is wrong with these producers. There going to find a new Billy Abbott who again will be rejected as well. Not that they give a rat what the fans want but get it straight the only Billy Abbott is Billy Miller!!! The only Adam Newman is Michael Muhney. If you need to save some money get rid of Summer Newman Abbott.

  • nikki


  • Raisen1

    Only Adam will do. I have watched Y & R since the very first show. I don’t even recognize it anymore. Awful writing – nothing like the Bill Bell days. David Tom was awful and any other than Michael will be also. There is only one just like Victor.

  • Janice Boswell

    No one and I mean NO ONE can play ADAM NEWMAN except MICHAEL MUHNEY!!! If those aren’t Michael’s hands in the recent episodes & although Y&R WAS #1, they may as well keep Adam dead because Y&R is doomed without MICHAEL!

  • Krisitne

    I think he was trying have a funny slap in the face to JFP. Id love to see him back. BUT he is such a wonderful actor. He would be an asset to a show like CSI or NCIS…Criminal Minds. As a permanent of course. Can you imagine Michael in a Naval Officers uniform? YUM!