Kim Kardashian Sold Paris Hilton’s Secrets To Tabloids Back In The Day: KUWTK Star Now Betraying Her Own Family To Media?

Kim Kardashian Sold Paris Hilton's Secrets To Tabloids Back In The Day: KUWTK Star Now Betraying Her Own Family To Media?

According to various sources at InTouch Magazine, Kim Kardashian used to be the shadiest friend of all time to reality star and socialite Paris Hilton. As you know, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton used to be BFFs until Kim used Paris to find her own fame. Now, we are learning that Kim Kardashian may have just been the perfect living example of a real life frienemy; that is, a friend who has a secret rivalry due to jealousy.

Obviously, Kim Kardashian would have been jealous of her famous friend Paris Hilton back in the day. It all makes perfect sense. Kim was just Paris’s closet cleaner until Kim found her own fame, so why wouldn’t Kim Kardashian be a little envious towards her socialite buddy Paris Hilton. We bet Kim would have done anything to get back at Paris and try to ruin her life.

Now, BuzzFeed is alleging that more than one reporter over at InTouch claims that Kim Kardashian used to be the number one source for all things juicy and gossip related regarding Paris Hilton.

Not only did Kim Kardashian cling to Paris Hilton to enjoy the spotlight, she also learned all of her deepest secrets and then sold them to the tabloids to make a pretty penny. We absolutely believe these reports and we would not put it past Kim to be selling out stories about her own family even to this day. It’s possible that the entire Kardashian/Jenner family plants most of the stories we hear about them. Think about it; they are always in the news at the right times. Who else would know as much about the family except for one of the family members?

Kim Kardashian’s spokesperson says that the reports are “absolutely false,” but let’s be honest, Kim Kardashian can be pretty catty and will do anything for money; even if it means selling out her “best friend.”

Do you believe that Kim Kardashian used to be a source for all things Paris Hilton? Would it surprise you to find out that everything that BuzzFeed and InTouch reporters allege is true? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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10 responses to “Kim Kardashian Sold Paris Hilton’s Secrets To Tabloids Back In The Day: KUWTK Star Now Betraying Her Own Family To Media?”

  1. janie says:

    I absolutely believe it! She’s a trashy snake! She’d step over her own child to get ahead!

  2. geo butler says:

    Kim has a nig mouth just like herother. They sell out anything for a dime. There both big whores snd they share kayne. Kayne is a black whore himself as kylie to that little black tatoo kid taga. There all drug user too. Who wants to hear there shit. I tired of them. With money they have they can buy the social mefia as they have done. Why do you think Rob and Caitlyn got out same as Lamar got out. To much controlling. Mow kayne is one of the controllers.

  3. Nanette Guillermo says:

    Why? Is It Bad that Kim is famous now? Omg! Everyone deserves to have a good life. There are people that went from rag to richest. Though Kim is or was not poor.

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  5. CONAN says:

    it’s no secret she and mom are at the helm of this “family.” Am sure she did it and continues to sell all of them out. Don’t think she made a career from Hilton though. It’s known around Hollywood-Land that her “career” happened cause Mom talked her into making that boring sex video and then “leaked” it. Don’t lie – know a lot of you checked it out! Never saw a guy so bored and fighting to stay awake. The big finale? When he it pulled out of her butt and pee’d in her plastic face ! And that, dear readers, has been the pinnacle of her illustrious career ! We’re supposed to take her seriously now, according to mom & Connya. They think we have really short memories.

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