Dancing With The Stars Mischa Barton Disappoints Judges and Viewers – Star Will Be Voted Off DWTS Week 3?

Dancing With The Stars Mischa Barton Disappoints Judges and Viewers - Star Will Be Voted Off DWTS Week 3?

Mischa Barton disappoints both fans and judges on the DWTS March 28 show – and the expectations about the notoriously temperamental diva were already low. From the moment Mischa Barton stepped foot on the dance floor for Latin Night on Dancing With The Stars Season 22 Episode 2, it was clear that she did not want to be there. Mischa’s dancing was so bad, that she might even be labelled “all time” worst dancer ever, more so in fact than season 3’s Tucker Carlson or season 7’s Jeffrey Ross.

What surprised me the most in last week’s DWTS premiere episode is that Mischa said that she loves to dance and does it often. Why then, is she so hopelessly miserable at it? Well, I don’t think it is about talent, with Mischa it is all about attitude.

In fact, Mischa is just another Lindsay Lohan! She has had self-admitted substance abuse problems, a psychiatric ward stay, sued her own mother, was sued for skipping work on a film so she could party in Europe, had a home in foreclosure and her career is so far down that she only gets offered “C” movies, if she’s lucky.

Mischa’s Bad Attitude Starts Here:

Blames Her Poor Performance on the Music!

Mischa had a contract for 8-10 seasons of The OC and wanted to break it to go partying and couldn’t, so she would show up late, not memorize her lines; basically anything to get fired. Mischa is known for her haughty behavior that would make even Gweneth Paltrow cringe.

Partying her brains out and treating people badly ruined Mischa’s career and tonight she continued that when Artem had his arm around her and they received their scores. She had this look on her face that said “take your hands off me.”

Mischa Barton was once asked if she cared about her reputation and her reply was “clearly not.” No kidding! Wish I could say good riddance to bad rubbish, but that will have to be next week since she is amazingly still there for another week.

Did you find Mischa’s behavior an insult to DWTS and the audience – so you think with her disgusting attitude and contempt for the show that she will survive for long? Come back to CDL for all your Dancing With The Stars news, views and recaps!

Mischa Looks Annoyed With Her Scores: