Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Split: His Sexual Escapades To Blame For Nasty Breakup!

Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Split: His Sexual Escapades To Blame For Nasty Breakup!

I think the only thing shocking about Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart splitting is the fact that it took two and a half years to actually happen. He was thought to be a hot (and much younger) rebound for Jen after her marriage to Marc Anthony ended, and even her family had warned her that this wasn’t the kind of thing that would last. Still, Jen invested in the romance, payed Casper’s way, and let him hang with her twins as if he was part of the family.

Things have gotten messy in the last week or so when Casper was publicly busted sexting with not one, but two, transsexual models. Supposedly, it was the final straw for Jen who banned him from attending her concert in The Bronx because she didn’t want the drama surrounding her. Of course, it did anyway, and according to Page Six she had no choice but to confirm the split.

Apparently, Casper has been on very shaky ground with Jen since April and he was trying to worm his way back into his sugar mama’s good graces. Obviously all hope of that crumbled this week and he is quietly moving his belongings out of Jen’s L.A. Home. If he has to leave with what he brought, then my guess is that Casper will only needed a small U-Haul.

Are you shocked that Jen finally kicked her money-hungry younger man to the curb? It sounds like she had no choice, right? Do you think Jen will stay in cougar mode or will she instead be on the hunt for a more older man?

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