Kate Middleton Channels Princess Diana In Christmas Battle With Queen Elizabeth – Duchess Fights Isolation

Kate Middleton Channels Princess Diana In Christmas Battle With Queen Elizabeth – Duchess Fights Isolation

Kate Middleton is learning from history and is smart enough to channel Princess Diana in her Christmas battle with Queen Elizabeth. The Duchess of Cambridge fights her isolation, refusing to become just another royal tool to be used for the monarchy’s gain.

Kate’s middle-class background is the source of a lot of tension with the Queen. The Duchess’ commoner ways are also saving her sanity and position with the royal family. Kate Middleton depends on her mother, Carole Middleton, and her unwavering support and influence to help her secure her position and power within the ranks of the royals. Carole is a relentless social-climber who wasn’t shy in asking Prince William when he planned on marrying Kate, fearlessly told the Queen she is concerned with Kate’s happiness first, and breaks royal protocol constantly.

Carole Middleton, much like the rest of the world, knows what the royal family did to Princess Diana. The late Lady Spencer was isolated and broken down to be used as a pretty face for the royal family. Before Prince William caved to Kate Middleton and Carole Middleton’s influence, it was unheard of for non-royal in-laws to be a part of the royal Christmas, let alone be invited to participate in the celebrations.

Now, Kate Middleton, with the help of Carole, has managed to reform the royal Christmas – much to the displeasure of Queen Elizabeth. The Duchess refuses to spend the entire holiday in Sandringham House with the Queen and the stuffy royals. Instead, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge join the Queen for and the royals for all the Christmas Eve traditions, including opening presents which are gag gifts and odd joke presents. On Christmas Day, Prince William and Kate attend church services and participate in the traditional walk to St. Mary Magdalene on Christmas morning. After putting their time in at church, the royal couple break royal traditions and host a leisurely lunch at Anmer Hall.

The Queen is livid, but with Prince William insistence, Queen Elizabeth allows the Duke and Duchess to have their Middleton family style Christmas while skipping the usual royal routine. Kate and William’s Christmas party is far more relaxed and kid-friendly. Typically, children are not a large part of the royal holidays. In fact, until the age of 11, children are not welcome at the Christmas Day lunch the Queen hosts after church. Instead, the kids dine in a separate area. The royal children are usually left under the supervision and care of nannies.

Kate and Carole have been smart enough to channel Princess Diana and learn from the way the royals used her. Kate Middleton has refused to be isolated and the Middleton family has had many doors opened to them when typical royal tradition would have closed them, shutting out the non-royals as if they didn’t exist. It has often been stated that Princess Diana was never allowed to spend Christmas with her Spencer family, and they were never welcomed to support her.

The Duchess of Cambridge isn’t backing down. Queen Elizabeth is still disgusted with William and Kate’s middle-class commoner Christmas, but has relented under Prince William’s insistence. Without Carole Middleton’s influence and Prince William’s power with the Queen, Kate would likely be another Princess Diana.

What do you think of Kate Middleton channeling Princess Diana in her Christmas battle with Queen Elizabeth? Is the Duchess of Cambridge just fighting isolation, or is she trying to reform royal traditions to suit her own desires? Let us know what you think in the comment section below and keep checking CDL for more gossip and royal news.

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22 responses to “Kate Middleton Channels Princess Diana In Christmas Battle With Queen Elizabeth – Duchess Fights Isolation”

  1. Raven says:

    I’m sorry. I like CDL, for many reasons. But I have to be honest. Whoever wrote this idiotic article must be perfectly mentally retarded.
    No , that’s not politically incorrect. I’m totally serious. They must be retarded.

    I don;t care how many times they use Diana’s name in the same article as that hideous,lazy,ugly ass flasher and her reptile-looking mother…..they’re NOTHING like Princess Diana. Never will be.
    Diana had class, beauty,a work ethic, character,charm,sincerity…..and she didn’t chase Prince Charles, nor was Diana a flasher or party slut.

    Stop insulting Diana’s memory by naming Waity and Carole in the same sentences !!!!!!!

    • Ladyhawke says:

      I completely agree with you. The article is beyond ridiculous and, as you said, an insult to the memory of Diana.
      If Kate’s name alone in the headline isn’t enough to provoke interest, then the addition of Diana’s is very poor form indeed.

      • Raven says:

        Yes I’m so tired of it. They try to get some sparkle for dull Kate by trying to tie Diana to her. It’s like oil and water !

        • Ladyhawke says:

          Yes, very low “journalism”. Re that article you sent through they made a mish-mash of – have you thought about starting a discussion group on the subject? The discussions generally last for about a week and.then that’s it. It would enable you to get your point across and invite others to comment. You could also provide a link to the article to provide a visual. I started one last year on the death of Kurt Cobain. Generally the replies were more mannered and there was absolutely no verbal biffo.

          • Raven says:

            That sounds like an interesting idea, but I go hot and cold on commenting. I’m not reliable. I think managing a group chat thing, even though low maintenance isn’t my thing. I might comment within a group,but not start one.
            You know there are forums {I don’t mean articles}, but forums , sites that you sign up to comment in, about the royals. There’s interesting info in there, and same thing, better manners.

            Oh, Kurt Cobain. That really bothered me. I had sympathy for him. I heard a lot of negative things about Courtney. I felt Curt was a victim of life in many ways.
            I never knew much about his music, but just his story, I read some about him. Not an expert though.

          • Ladyhawke says:

            I started the group after the press announced that Love suddenly began blaming the CIA for Cobain’s death. This was after the release of the doc ‘Soaked in Bleach’ which pointed to Love’s involvement in Cobain’s death.
            A discussion group is different to managing a channel. You just write a synopsis on the topic (mine was less than 200 words) and invite others to comment. All the replies come to you through DISQUS. All I did was acknowledge each reply out of courtesy. It gives people the opportunity to vent and apart from writing the introduction piece, where you can say pretty much whatever you wish (without defaming anyone), that’s all you have to do. So in your statement, you can give your opinion and ask others to share theirs. Very easy and takes very little time. Anyway give it some thought, if you wish.

      • Raven says:

        Hi again,
        About that comment about a discussion group. Thanks, I’ll think about it.
        I have no idea where a group like that would be started. What site ? Sounds like trolls could get through, they use Disqus too. {It’s not likely I’ll do the discussion thing but thank you. I know you said, somehow you get hassled in that format}.

        I tend to spout off on the popular sites in order to get my views seen by more people, {like defending Diana’s memory} and so I put up with the trolls that come with the territory.

        I have no idea what a “channel” is, but OK, the discussion idea is different from that.

        • Ladyhawke says:

          I sent you a fairly lengthy piece last night and now it seems to have gone.To start a discussion go to the bottom of this reply where is reads something like ‘Change settings’, click on that and it will take you into your DISQUS personal page. I think you click on user icon – the little figure – and the heading ‘Start Your Own Discussion’ will come up. It’s very simple – even I could do it. I had no trolls, no rudeness.

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  3. Raven says:

    What “identity” ? What the blazes did Kate ever do prior to this marriage ?! I’ll tell you – it’s all in Google Images and elsewhere online. Apparently Kate was a party girl, was photographed stumbling out of clubs and falling out of cars, was a crotch flasher, a friend and cohort of Emma Sayle {heard of her ?}, and racked up a lot of very awkward, trashy photos.
    She did stalk William for many years too, and was dumped a few times.
    Kate did nothing with her easy college degree. Made no career.
    So , what “identity” ?

    • Ladyhawke says:

      I agree. She slothed around for eight years, partying and living the lavish life of a Royal during the time she lived with Wills prior to marrying. She has no “identity”.

  4. Raven says:

    I agree, and I’m not even a fan of the royals.

  5. Ladyhawke says:

    Very good points – I agree. She knew she was marrying into an institution based on tradition and she should respect the traditions or why marry into the Royal family in the first place? Once those traditions begin to be dismantled, the Royals become “just like us” and people may start to question supporting a group so lavishly if they’re ” just like us”.

  6. Ladyhawke says:

    Completely agree with you; the woman is bad news for the RF.

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  10. Lara says:

    For someone who was crotch bait for Willy Wonka for 10 years while waiting for a ring, Waity can’t adhere to royal traditions????? The RF needs to toss crotch bait Kate and Willy Wonka out on their snotty green noses!

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