‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Christine Suffers Miscarriage, Nikki Protects Neil, Summer Says Abby Slept with Austin

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Christine Suffers Miscarriage, Nikki Protects Neil, Summer Says Abby Slept with Austin

“The Young and the Restless” spoilers for Wednesday, March 4, hint that several mysteries will start to unravel and a big secret will be revealed. Victor (Eric Braeden) will spend a bit more time in the confessional and indicate that he’s moving forward with his plan against Jack (Peter Bergman). When Victor steps out of the confessional, he’ll remind Jack that they need to help Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), but Kelly (Cady McClain) isn’t going to take it lying down. Once Victor leaves, Jack will nearly discover who was Victor was talking to, but Phyllis will call Jack away to help with Austin’s (Matthew Atkinson) memorial.

Victor may have more important things to worry about that his scheme. Victor’s wife, Nikki (Melody Scott Thomas), will find herself dealing with the aftermath of Neil’s (Kristoff St. John) drunkenness as Christine’s (Laralee Bell) life hangs in the balance. Nikki will realize that the car struck someone and she’ll pull the victim’s hair back to find Christine’s bloody face. A nearby nurse will appear to help. Paul (Doug Davidson) will rush out to find that Christine has been hit and he’ll immediately blame Nikki.

When officers arrive on the scene, Paul will tell them that Nikki is drunk and should be arrested. Nikki will be cuffed and taken to the police station. Neil will want to come clean about what happened, but Nikki won’t let Neil risk going to prison. Since she wasn’t drinking or texting, it will look like an accident if Nikki takes the fall. Paul will confront Victor about Nikki’s actions. Later, Victor will ask Nikki if she was drunk and she’ll say no, but Nikki will admit she’s nervous about what Neil might say during questioning. Victor will be confused since it doesn’t look like Nikki has anything to hide. Christine will be rushed into surgery and will pull through, but unfortunately, her unborn baby won’t survive the crash. Poor sad Christine and Paul lose their baby to a miscarriage.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Christine Suffers Miscarriage, Nikki Protects Neil, Summer Says Abby Slept with Austin

Other “Young and the Restless” spoilers for Wednesday, March 4, tease that Avery (Jessica Collins) will share some news with Nick (Joshua Morrow). Avery will note that the contractor Nick used for the repairs at The Underground has a history of cutting corners. It’s shouldn’t be hard to prove that Nick wasn’t responsible for the death and injuries that occurred, but Nick will still feel guilty. Nick will also admit to Phyllis that his last conversation with Austin was rough and Phyllis will agree that she wasn’t thrilled about Summer’s (Hunter King) marriage to Austin.

Meanwhile, Kevin (Greg Rikaart) will confirm to Mariah (Camryn Grimes) that Austin’s blood was on the towel found in Kyle’s (Lachlan Buchanan) trunk. Courtney (Kelly Goss) will join them as they speculate about what happened. Eventually, the cabin crew will realize that the whole time they thought they were covering for Summer, they’ve actually been covering for Kyle. Abby’s (Melissa Ordway) discussion with Kyle will continue and she’ll ask once again if he killed Austin. Kyle will flash back to having a fight with Austin over his affair with Abby and hitting him, but Kyle will tell Summer that his car broke down and he ended up in a ditch. Abby will inform Kyle that Noah (Robert Adamson) saw him at the cabin and Kyle will get a text from Noah that says they need to talk. After Kyle confronts Abby about her cheating, Abby will tell Kyle that she tried to stop and ask him to promise not to tell Summer.

At Austin’s memorial, Summer will finally pull herself together enough to make a speech about her husband. However, Summer’s flashbacks of Austin and Abby will cause things to go awry. Summer will speak about how much she loved Austin and how something magical happened when they fell in love. People were able to see the real Austin and they gave him a chance. Summer will suddenly remember Austin telling Abby that they couldn’t do what they were doing because it wasn’t fair to Summer. Y&R rumors said this reveal was near. As the memories come flooding back, Summer will stop her speech and the truth will finally come out. Summer will look at Abby and exclaim “You slept with my husband!” as everyone stares in shock.

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9 responses to “‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Christine Suffers Miscarriage, Nikki Protects Neil, Summer Says Abby Slept with Austin”

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  2. Tricia says:

    Abby is a nasty HO…. “Ohh but i was lonely it just happened”..BS Abby your a tramp admit it, ughh!!! Neil you’re being a jerk step up and admit YOU caused the accident cuz you were drunk!! Smh

  3. restlesspup says:

    Wasn’t a big fan of Austin . want to see more of Vicky and stitch. Like the way they exposed Neal’s sight return and the affair.

  4. Jacob Harris says:

    What is really going on with Y&R? It’s so messed up that it’s impossible to feel sorry for any of the characters and what they are going through. The script is all over the place. A plane crash, a car crash, a miscarriage, a murder, a newly created love affair, the Underground collapses, an apartment building fire. Terrible to that point that good acting is ignored. Paul was acting his behind off, but I couldn’t even feel sorry for him because the show has become a bunch of one act plays.

  5. MM Come Back says:

    Agree story lines are all over the place – it’s like the writers don’t know what to do and we need to try everything to keep the show going. Then we have whiny pant Summer and we will have to endure more months of her whiny poor me. The writers got it right when Summer said she was stupid for not knowing. We all knew she was but now it will be more tears and whiny. Please end it. Then we have Christine in the hospital. Sorry but tired of seeing her and her saggy skin.

    Writers needs to stop the bed hopping between family members – stop Sharon and dumb dumb Dylan. Stop Sage and Nick – get rid of her and Nick if need be. Get rid of Dylan – it is so painful to watch him. The secret perfume on back burner. Maybe writers need to be put on the back burner – CP and JFP need help.

  6. MM Come Back says:

    So. Ow that Sharon and Dylan have had dinner it was obvious that Sharon is now looking that Dylan is her true love. She is in love and found her soul mate. Dylan with Avery in the coffee shop – re you really my soul mate? Dylan: maybe Sharon is my true love. Avery: maybe Joe is and did I give him a chance. Come on. Of course Nick professed his love to Sharon but oh maybe Sage is my true love. Next true love is Summer and Kyle – of course just like the number of times Victor and Nikki have gotten married. Neil and Jack made into fools for their “looking for love in all the wrong places”. Same recycled garbage.

  7. ddd55 says:

    I know, right!! What the hell is Nikki taking up for him anyway? He’s got a little boy to raise??? That’s a joke, he’s never there for that kid.

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