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Katie Holmes the Next Wonder Woman?

On Aug. 6 Katie Holmes left Suri with Tom in Berlin and flew to L.A. alone! Katie headed home to have a secret meeting with her agents and producers about starring in the big-screen version of the popular ?70s television series Wonder Woman.

?Katie apparently didn?t want Tom to be a part of the discussions,? the source tells
?The movie?s … Keep Reading

Lionel Richie Buys Nicole Richie a New House For Her Baby

Lionel Richie has made sure Nicole has a splendid home in which to bring up her baby. He surprised his daughter and her rocker boyfriend, Joel Madden, with a $2 billion townhouse in the Century City area of Los Angeles.

?Lionel was overjoyed when Nicole told him that she was pregnant, and he?s been searching for the perfect baby gift,? … Keep Reading




Age: 3 in dog years
Weight: Anorexic
Eyed: Dilated
Coat: Spotted/Freckled
Breed: Freckle-Bellied Cokewhore Terrier

My dog was last seen on the morning of July 24, 2007 chasing cars in Santa Monica. She will answer to the call of: Lilo, L Squared, Lo Hoe and Dime Bags, 2 for 10 dollars. She … Keep Reading

Paris Hilton Tries to Make Money Doing the Only Thing She is Good At… Besides Giving Men Herpes

Now that her career in reality TV is done, and since her acting and singing careers never got off the ground, Paris Hilton is back to making money the only way she knows how – by trying to get people to pay her just to show up.

A Las Vegas insider said, “Paris and [sister] Nicky are shopping their partying … Keep Reading

Madonna Injects in the Air

Madonna shocked passengers on a recent transatlantic flight after witnesses claim she whipped out a needle and started injecting herself with vitamins.

Her startling energy boost came after sources say the queen of pop endured the seven hour journey without eating any food and drinking only bottled water.

A passenger on the flight said: ‘Just before landing she brought … Keep Reading

Lindsay Lohan Sued

Lindsay Lohan was sued Tuesday for assault and negligence by a passenger in a car she allegedly chased while drunk last month

“What Miss Lohan did that night was extremely dangerous and reprehensible,” Tracie Rice, the woman who filed the suit, said in statement, according to the Associated Press. “Someone could easily have been killed or seriously hurt because of … Keep Reading