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Oops she did it again – Britney Winning TRAMP of the YEAR!

The latest man to fall into the hard-partying pop star?s orbit is Matt Encinias, a 21-year-old college student who tells Us Weekly the exclusive details of his twisted night with Spears in the latest issue.

In just five hours, Encinias went from being an extra in her latest video to pounding drinks and locking lips with the single mom of … Keep Reading

Princess Paris Feel’s So Lucky!

Paris Hilton picked up a nasty reminder of her stint behind bars – a jailhouse rash.? The socialite’s mum Kathy claims the “sandpaper” sheets her daughter was forced to sleep with left Paris with a few blemishes.? She says, “She was in jail, obviously with the very thin sheets and one pillow and one little thin blanket. That’s how (inmates) … Keep Reading

Courtney Love Accept’s Allan’s Apology!

Courtney Love has accepted Lily Allen’s apology for disparaging comments allegedly made by the British singer on her MySpace blog, after she claimed her profile had been targeted by website hackers.? Allen partied with Love at the popular Los Angeles nightclub Hyde in April, but the 22-year-old was reportedly unimpressed by the rocker’s wild antics and posted a harsh message … Keep Reading

Pete Doherty: Faces Jail Time!

Pete Doherty Faces Jail….

Troubled British rocker Pete Doherty has been warned he faces a prison sentence after being caught driving illegally while in possession of drugs.? The Babyshambles frontman appeared at West London Magistrates Court on Tuesday (07Aug07) to hear sentencing had been adjourned for four weeks.? District Judge Davinder Lachlar told the court he needed to “assess his … Keep Reading